How to Increase Speed to Lead in 5 Simple Steps at Your Firm

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Speed to lead represents the time it takes for your law firm to follow up with potential clients after their first inquiry. It’s the time between completion of a website inquiry form and receipt of a detailed response. The time between a first phone call to your law office and speaking with an actual person.  

Why does it matter?  

Studies show that client prospects typically choose the first law firm that responds to their inquiries for legal representation. They have no time to wait weeks, days, or even hours for a meaningful response. These consumers are often facing what feels like a legal emergency and they want immediate help. As a result, the firm that gives no response at all or responds with the generic “Someone will get back to you shortly” message will always lose out. Firms that start some form of immediate communication will be able to gather more information, build a better rapport, and cultivate a viable lead.   

Speed to lead can mean the difference between converting more leads or losing them to the competition, so effective strategies need to be top of mind for your law firm. Here are 5 simple steps your legal practice can take to increase the speed to lead response time: 

#1 The Right Technology 

Client relationship management (CRM) software for law firms is the go-to technology for maximizing your speed to lead. These tools help your firm strategically manage relationships with potential clients by streamlining your marketing tasks. They provide simple solutions for consistent communications and level up your intake process for increased conversions and greater firm growth.  

With the right legal CRM client intake features, your firm can ensure that every prospect receives a timely response to their inquiry. You can also make those responses comprehensive enough to help potential clients make informed decisions about the value of your firm’s legal services.  

How to Speed Up Your Law Firm’s Client Intake

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#2 Tap into Artificial Intelligence (AI) 

Many legal CRM automation features include AI, a technology that uses machine learning to perform many of the administrative and support tasks that go into a successful legal client intake process. AI technologies that increase speed to lead include:  

  • AI powered chatbots that automatically communicate with potential clients who visit your website, providing an immediate follow up and meaningful interaction. 
  • Intelligent forms that can quickly capture relevant prospect information, leading to the faster prequalification of leads and a more efficient client intake process.  
  • Quickly create rough drafts for client intake communications like responses to consultation requests, consultations preparatory instructions, intake questionnaires, and conversion documentation. 

#3 Track Follow-Ups  

Legal CRM systems can be programmed to provide your law firm with real time data about every potential client, regardless of their status within the law firm sales funnel. In the event that a prospect email or phone call is missed, alerts are sent to firm members, so that missed opportunities can be quickly caught.  

Legal CRM tracking systems can also provide your firm with information about each lead’s engagement history and status within the sales funnel. Your firm can better track every individual to ensure that they have received a proper number of follow ups within an appropriate amount of time. This is the type of consistency that increases speed to lead.  

#4 Quick Lead Evaluation  

The automation of data gathering and organization offered by CRM software also impacts speed to lead. These tools for efficiency make prospect evaluation simple, resulting in the quicker identification of viable matters. With this information, your firm can determine where to best focus its legal client intake efforts.  

With data automation, lead data is managed within one central location for easy access by firm members. Your law firm benefits from a reduction in the amount of time it takes to move leads through the sales funnel towards conversion.  

#5 Count on Law Ruler  

Law Ruler is the CRM software your law firm needs to increase speed to lead and drive firm growth. With innovative tools like a softphone dialer, texting capabilities, ChatGPT integration, and a variety of automated capabilities, Law Ruler offers the elevated legal CRM your firm needs to capture those valuable leads. To learn more, click here to schedule a demo for your firm.  


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