How Mass Tort Law Firms Use Text to Boost Conversion

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When it comes to marketing your mass tort law firm, attracting potential clients is only half the battle. You must also make an effort to nurture those leads through the sales funnel, with the ultimate goal of converting them into paying clients.  

Communication plays a major role during this stage. Potential mass tort clients want answers to their questions and guidance in their decision-making process. They want assurance that your firm will be responsive to their needs should they decide to retain your services.  

There are many ways for these communications to occur, and modern technologies continuously push the boundaries with quicker and easier options. One of those is text messaging. SMS legal marketing is an effective tool that can help your mass tort law firm boost conversion rates, and this post will reveal how.  


How to Market Your Mass Tort Law Firm with Automation

Learn how marketing automation can help your mass tort law firm to reach potential clients and help your firm to grow.

SMS Marketing is Quick, Instant, and Accessible 

Among the numerous benefits to adding text messaging capabilities to your mass tort law firm marketing plan, speed sits at the top of the list. It offers an instant form of communication that simply cannot be matched. The immediacy of text messaging enables your firm to deliver targeted follow ups, reminders, and time-sensitive information to potential clients in a matter of seconds.   

In addition, studies show that text messages have significantly higher open and read rates when compared to email messages or other forms of communication. This means that your law firm messaging is more likely to be seen by mass tort leads, which could lead to enhanced communications, a more effective legal client intake process, and a higher likelihood of conversion. 

The mobile device optimization of text messaging makes it an ideal method of communication for leads who are on the go. It also helps your mass tort law firm expand its reach to potential clients who may not answer phone calls or check their emails on a regular basis.  

When adding text messaging to your mass tort law firm marketing strategy, consider the following:  


  • To provide a truly seamless communication experience between your law firm and mass tort leads, make sure that every text message is completely mobile-friendly, including all landing page or website links. Double check to ensure that every aspect is optimized for mobile device viewing.  
  • Keep your outgoing text messages clear and concise to avoid super lengthy character counts. Also, always include a compelling call to action (CTA) that makes it easy for leads to respond or take further action towards conversion.  

Why Texting is the Future of Legal Marketing

Connect with leads and grow your law firm with text message marketing automation and grow your firm.

Make Text Messaging a Part of your Mass Tort Online Marketing Plan 

While speedy communication is a major SMS benefit, your mass tort law firm can also use this technology to level up your legal marketing efforts. By integrating it into other law firm marketing strategies and tools, you can better leverage automation, target your communications, and provide an overall cohesive lead experience.  

For example, you don’t have to limit automated drip marketing campaigns to email marketing. They can also be used with SMS legal marketing to reach potential clients and leads more quickly.  

By scheduling a series of targeted messages triggered by specific user actions or time intervals, your mass tort law firm can automatically deliver relevant content and encourage conversions at different stages of the sales funnel. With SMS drip marketing automation, you can reach leads no matter how they enter the funnel and nurture them to conversion.  

You can also maximize SMS messaging for your mass tort law firm by segmenting your lead list and sending targeted messages based on their preferences, behaviors, and specific case needs. You can deliver personalized content directly to your lead’s mobile devices for increased engagement and improved conversion rates.  

Boost Mass Tort Conversions with Text Messaging 

The speed, ease, and convenience of text messaging makes it a viable marketing tool for your mass tort law firm. It helps you quickly deliver value to leads while maintaining consistent engagement and building trust that ultimately results in higher conversion rates.  

The right text automation software is key to a successful SMS marketing campaign, and Law Ruler offers that to your mass tort law firm a leading Client Relationship Management (CRM) software. With text messaging capabilities built directly into the platform, your law firm members can read and send texts right from their computers. To learn more about Law Ruler, click this link to schedule a free demonstration.  

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