How Legal Marketing Automation Can Boost Your Firm’s ROI

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An effective legal marketing campaign incorporates various tasks and strategies to attract prospects, nurture leads, and drive conversions. While it is a critical component of law firm growth, it is also one of the most time-consuming aspects of running a successful law firm.  

Legal marketing automation uses innovative technologies to streamline these efforts with minimal effort from firm members. Using artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, your law firm’s marketing efforts can be mimicked and automated for greater return on investment (ROI).  

This post dives into some profit-driving examples of why your firm needs legal marketing automation.  

Follow Up 

Regardless of your legal practice area, quick and comprehensive follow up is key to staying ahead of the competition. When prospects first reach out to law firms for representation, they are looking for an elevated level of responsiveness along with skill and reputation. If your firm is late in responding, you may lose a viable lead to the law firm across town.  

Legal marketing automation makes follow-up easy and consistent, ensuring that every lead receives the proper response to every inquiry. Consider these examples:  

  • When a prospect initiates contact through your law firm website, an automated chatbot can ask a series of questions to narrow down their legal needs and automatically send relevant follow-up information. 
  • With the countless telephone calls that come into a law practice in a single day, prospect inquiries can easily get lost in the pile. With automation, firms can quickly respond to representation inquiries with pre-recorded voice messages, so no call goes unanswered.  

Legal marketing follow up automation frees up valuable time while helping law firms stay consistent in their responses to potential clients. It provides a level of responsiveness that will help your firm stand out as potential clients weigh their legal representation options.  

Why Responding to Prospect Emails is so Important

Don’t lose leads from delayed responses. Learn how to make the right first impression by nurturing your lead from the beginning.

Lead Nurturing 

As prospects evolve into leads and move through the legal marketing sales funnel, law firm marketing automation assists in nurturing them by providing content they will find useful for their legal representation decisions. Client Relationships Management (CRM) software for law firms simplifies the time-consuming tasks of lead and client management to make communications more efficient and results driven. With the right legal CRM software, your firm can deliver content relevant to the lead’s specific legal needs quickly and consistently. Consider the following:  

  • In a Social Security Disability (SSD) law firm, a prospect’s inquiry related to an SSD insurance denial would trigger an automated chain of periodic emails with valuable content relevant to their SSD claim concerns. Automation makes the management of these email drip campaigns quicker and easier for firm members to keep leads engaged and moving towards conversion.  
  • With automated lead status tracking, your firm can prevent any leads from falling through gaps in the legal client intake process. You can quickly and easily view the status of all leads to keep your marketing efforts consistent and effective.   
  • Law Ruler, a top industry provider of CRM software for law firms, offers automated SMS messaging built directly into its platform. This automation technology can be easily used for follow-ups, consultations, appointment setting, and reminders. Text messaging has become a preferred method of communication in today’s marketplace. Law Ruler provides law firms with the technology they need to stay connected.  

Law Ruler’s Marketing Automation Basics

Your law firm is 100x more likely to connect with a lead if they are contacted within five minutes of the first point of contact. See how marketing automation keeps you top of mind.

Data Analytics 

With all of the money, time, and resources that law firms put into their legal marketing strategies, it makes sense to ensure an adequate return on investment. A comprehensive legal marketing automation software can use big data and lead insights to provide robust information about your law firm marketing efforts. For example:  

  • Track the behaviors of prospects that visit your website or engage with your social media posts to determine what content is most effective for driving conversions.  
  • Build customized reports in seconds to examine exact data points and law firm KPIs.  
  • Analyze your law firm marketing process to instantly identify gaps where prospects and leads are falling out of the sales funnel.  
  • Make predictions about future legal marketing trends, including the most profitable practice areas and marketing strategies.  

Your Firm Needs Legal Marketing Automation 

Legal marketing automation turns time-consuming tasks into streamlined processes with less errors and greater ROI. With the right CRM software, your firm can stand out to prospects, successfully nurture leads, and grow your profits.  

Law Ruler CRM for law firms offers an array of legal marketing automation features. To learn more about Law Ruler’s CRM, click this link for a free demonstration.  

Transform Your Law Firm

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