How Legal Client Intake Will Change in 2024

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The new year is quickly approaching and it’s the final chance to craft your law firm’s legal marketing plan for 2024. While it may be tempting to wash and repeat your legal client intake from last year – especially if it was successful – doing so may keep you from the added benefits of the latest technologies and trends.  

There are a lot of exciting innovations happening in the legal client intake space, and this post will provide you with tips for using these changes to maximize your law firm growth in the year ahead.  

Marketing Strategies  

Law firm marketing strategies make up the first phase of your legal client intake process. This is the stage where you present your practice to potential clients and demonstrate why you are the right law firm to handle their legal needs. There are numerous ways to get this done, but far too many firms still rely upon a website and occasional social media posting, ignoring the numerous other options available.   

Beginner’s Guide to (online) Legal Marketing

Digital marketing represents an incredible opportunity for small to midsize law firms. Ready to begin an impactful online marketing strategy using your CRM software?

Law firm marketing has changed dramatically over the last decade and 2024 will see that trend continue in the following ways:  

Social Media for Legal Services 

This may not sound like a new change, especially if your firm already maintains a robust social media presence, but many attorneys are still hesitant to put resources behind a meaningful social media effort. Social media commerce has become a major part of consumerism, and your law firm can reap those benefits by optimizing your online presence. Yes, it may take some time to get this right, but it is time that translates into profits and growth.  

One option is to contract with a social media content specialist who can elevate your platform and maintain your postings on a consistent basis. Even better, identify a firm member who is social media savvy and explore the possibility of inserting the management of your law firm’s platforms into their job description. Automated posting can also be of assistance here. The prescheduling of social media content helps ensure consistent posting. 

With potential clients consistently looking to social media when researching legal service providers, it is a huge mistake to ignore this powerful legal marketing tool in the year ahead. 

Video Content 

In 2024, video content will become an even greater tool for harnessing social media commerce. Informative videos not only provide the opportunity to exemplify your firm’s skills through legal insights, but it also gives potential clients an opportunity to experience your firm and attorneys on a more impactful level.  

Incorporating video into your marketing content can be quick and even enjoyable, with options like:  

  • Creating short informative videos that explain a legal concept relative to your practice 
  • Videos announcing successful case outcomes  
  • An online brown bag Q&A session  
  • Short “A Day at the Office” videos that give potential clients a peek at the culture of your law firm  
  • Firm member introductions and appreciation videos 

Demonstrating Ethics and Social Responsibility


2024 will be a year where consumers are increasingly concerned with the ethics and social responsibility demonstrated by the companies they choose to patronize. Law firms are not immune from this expectation, especially considering the negative stereotypes that can exist around the practice of law.  

Make sure that your marketing plan includes a demonstration of how your firm stays committed to the ethical practice of law. Showcase some of the safeguards you have in place. Also, consider sharing client testimonials that champion the professionalism and trustworthiness of your law firm. Potential clients want to work with firms that they can trust, and this is a great way to build that relationship right from the start.  

Demonstrating social responsibility is also essential for your practice in 2024. Don’t be shy about the contributions that your firm makes to your immediate community and/or society in general. Highlight the pro bono work of your firm members and publish articles about their community involvement. This not only benefits your brand outwardly, but it also shows appreciation for your members, which supports a strong firm culture.  

Lead Nurturing  

Once you get the attention of potential clients with your stellar marketing strategies, it’s time to keep them engaged and moving in the direction of conversion. 2024 will have some exciting and innovative ways of helping you through this phase of the legal client intake process, including the following:  

CRM for Law Firms  

Legal Client Relationship Management (CRM) will continuously evolve in the year ahead, offering law firms new and better ways to manage the client intake process with technologies like:  

  • Contact management systems that keep lead information organized and easy to access for consistent communications  
  • Lead tracking analytics that provide a real time view of where every lead falls within the client intake process, including all previous communications  
  • Text messaging capabilities that can be used to communicate with leads in a quick and highly effective way 
  • Document sharing and electronic signature capabilities that streamline the conversion process 

What to Look for in a Law Firm CRM: Seven Key Features

A legal CRM can transform the way your practice operates. The right CRM will have these key features to help you grow your law firm in less time.

AI-Enhanced Client Intake 

One of the most exciting innovations of 2024 will be the use of AI enhanced legal technologies to streamline the entire legal client intake process, from marketing to conversion. Law Ruler, a leader in CRM for law firms, recently introduced a ChatGPT integration and AI Email Assistant that helps your firm leverage AI to quickly summarize data, create templates, and implement shortcuts for the drafting of lead communications and documents.  

With these AI-powered innovations, your firm can save valuable time, while still maintaining the effective procedures that drive results. AI technology will be a game changer in the year ahead for law firms seeking to truly maximize their legal client intake process.  

Revamp your Legal Client Intake for 2024 

The growth and profitability of your law firm requires a thoughtful approach to your marketing strategy for the coming year. Embrace the emerging changes and trends to create a plan that centers potential clients and seamlessly guides them through the legal client intake process.  

Law Ruler is leading the way in legal marketing technology innovations. Schedule a demo to learn more about the many features they offer to elevate your legal client intake. 

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