Growing Your Legal Practice by Easily Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

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“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” ~ ― Anaïs Nin, writer

How to grow your legal practice effectively and efficiently is often a challenge that is not easily answered.  Technological advancements can be both beneficial yet intimidating. The answers might be easier for your law firm than you thought possible! Law Ruler’s legal case intake software, the legal industry’s #1 Legal CRM, offers end-to-end process automation to grow your legal practice.  With Law Ruler’s Text E-Sign, the ability for your potential client to electronically “sign on the dotted line,” means increased business for your law firm in a quick and efficient method.

How can Law Ruler’s Text E-Sign increase your business and client base with electronic communication?

A. Implementation of Electronic Signature expedites the signing of new clients.

B. A potential client quickly gains confidence in your legal practice with the ability to develop meaningful communication with your law firm.

C. You provide their legally binding documents expeditiously and efficiently.

D. You save time and money, both for your law firm and for the potential client, thereby building customer confidence in your firm’s productivity.

Law Ruler’s legal CRM features a 1-Click e-signature button that makes automating client agreements and medical release form automation extremely simple.  Our friendly support team will create your e-signature templates for each document as part of our initial implementation process. Spending 15 minutes customizing each e-signature document is a thing of the past for your office staff!

A successful legal practice thrives and grows when time-sensitive information such as retainers and authorizations are handled with speed and competence.  Law Ruler’s Text E-Sign streamlines the workflow in your office with faster completed agreements and transactions. The need to schedule appointments for your client to come to your office to sign documents such as retainers is now old school. Your firm “blooms” with the advancement and implementation of electronic signatures.  No longer does your staff have to chase down signatures for retainers, medical records, or court documents! Those days of old are labor-intensive, costly, and often frustrating. The manual intake processes can end up costing your law firm a small fortune over time and is often fraught with errors.  Adding efficiency by automating the process impacts your legal practice’s bottom-line with increased revenues, easily allowing your firm to grow.

Law Ruler provides a seamless process not only for your staff but more importantly, your new clients! To learn more about Law Ruler’s legal CRM and Text E-Sign, please click here to start your live demo now or call +1 954-371-2300.


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