Growing Your Legal Practice: Are You Working Too Hard?

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The practice of law has become a crowded playing field where law firms must work extra hard to stand out and remain competitive. As such, a successful legal practice cannot exist without the ability to turn potential clients into actual clients. Yet far too many firms fail to meet this challenge due to disorganization, outdated processes, and a lack of streamlined procedures. As a result, they waste firm time and resources on ineffective intake systems that fail to deliver results.

This post reflects on the importance of conversion for your law firm’s growth and how this challenging task becomes much easier with the right case intake and conversion Client Relations Management (CRM) system in place.

The Cost of Legal Marketing

Marketing cannot be a haphazard afterthought if you hope to maintain and build your legal practice. Particularly for small to mid-sized law firms, attracting and signing new clients must be a primary goal that is undertaken with thoughtfulness and intention. Without a firm marketing plan, firm growth can become stifled, resulting in limited revenue.

While television commercials, print ads, and radio spots traditionally provided the reach that law firms needed to attract new prospects, the usefulness of these methods has significantly decreased over the last couple of decades as internet-based marketing and social media evolved into viable advertising tools. But with so many law firms crowding the space, even the most intriguing social media post can go unnoticed without the assistance of paid marketing tools. Firms can spend significant amounts to get their names in front of potential clients, making legal marketing a costly endeavor for law firms that requires a variety of valuable resources.

Leveraging Marketing Efforts

Given the cost and effort that goes into marketing, why wouldn’t you ensure your practice’s ability to turn resulting prospects into paying clients? Consumers typically have no shortage of law firms to choose from when seeking legal representation. A simple web search may provide hundreds of options, which means that any dissatisfaction with your firm can quickly send them to the next option on their list. They don’t have to wait for delayed follow ups or navigate through confusing intake procedures. Instead, they can simply move along to another firm leaving you with a missed opportunity. This is why law firms must be responsive and proactive about their interactions with firm leads.

Once a potential client decides to make that first contact with your firm, the clock immediately starts ticking on the amount of time you have to reach conversion. Regardless of which marketing method attracted that lead to your firm, it is essential that you put your best foot forward in order to secure them as a client. Those initial interactions weigh heavily on whether or not leads choose to trust your law firm with their legal needs.

But while it may sound easy, these early communications and conversion tactics can prove challenging for firm members without the right systems in place. They may find it difficult to balance the tasks of keeping current clients satisfied while also successfully nurturing leads. As such, they become inundated with paperwork, communications, and disorganized processes. They work too hard with little success, which diminishes the ROI on your firm’s marketing efforts.

Simplify the Intake Process with Law Ruler

An innovative legal CRM system is the key to a highly successful legal practice by providing the necessary tools to remain connected with current clients while also engaging with those considering your legal services. Without a solid lead conversion software in place, your firm stands to lose 90-95% of new potential clients. An automated intake process provides your firm with valuable benefits, such as streamlining paperwork, minimizing the work of your staff, delivering expediency to your prospective clients, and most importantly, providing an affordable tool to improve your ROI.

Law Ruler is the legal CRM that your law firm needs to turn your convoluted intake process into an efficient and professional system that gets real results. With its cloud-based legal case intake and conversion procedure, it helps firms quickly and effectively connect with leads, whether they reach out through a phone call, a website contact form, or a social media message. Law Ruler is a tool for easily integrating a quality intake software program within your law practice’s phones and website. In a matter of seconds, you can greatly decrease the number of leads lost by simply implementing an effective automated follow up process.

Law Ruler’s Marketing Cloud can increase your firm’s conversion of leads and referrals up to 50%. It is the turnkey, easy-to-use solution that will convert your marketing efforts into paying clients. Successful law firms nationwide have turned to Law Ruler’s top-rated legal case intake software to improve their retention rates while also promoting positive attorney-client relationships. It’s time for your firm to experience the benefits of Law Ruler.

Transform your law firm with Law Ruler CRM

Maximize your client intake process and acquire more leads with Law Ruler’s all-in-one legal intake and marketing automation software. Schedule a personalized, one-on-one demonstration of Law Ruler today!


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