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The Mass Torts Made Perfect (MTMP) Conference was recently held with the goal of creating and maintaining connections between mass tort plaintiff’s counsels. More than 1,900 attorneys from across the nation gathered in Las Vegas to network, strategize, and expand their knowledge about recent mass tort and class action lawsuits. Through a variety of both in-person and virtual events, attendees were introduced to the information, resources, and technologies they need to grow their firms and increase profits.  

MTMP Live Sessions  

The MTMP live sessions featured a multi-track agenda that enabled attendees to effortlessly move between tracks and choose the sessions that were most beneficial to their individual practices. The numerous offerings included:  

  • The Nuts and Bolts of Mass Torts – This track provided the basics of initiating a mass tort case and managing its progression. It also focused on the difference between mass torts and class action lawsuits.  
  • The Business of Law Track – This track featured valuable insight from various leaders regarding new trends in the industry. It provided mass tort attorneys with viable practice growth ideas.   

MTMP Webinar Series  

The MTTP conference also included two webinar series options to ensure that legal professionals could take part in the experience even if unable to attend in person. According to event organizers, the knowledge presented within the webinars also offered the ability to earn CLE and NALA Paralegal credits. 

Among the many interesting webinars was one entitled Social Media Litigation: Addiction, Algorithms, and Adolescents. With a focus on product liability claims against social media platforms, the webinar helped participants analyze recent efforts to hold these companies accountable for the long-term harm they can cause young users and teens.   

Law Ruler Featured Among MTMP Exhibitors 

In addition to the practice area tips and advice offered to conference participants, MTMP also invited a variety of legal service providers to present their products and service offerings. Law Ruler was among those exhibitors. Mass tort law firms have very specific marketing needs, and Law Ruler representatives were on-site to provide information about the benefits of its legal client relations management (CRM) platform for mass tort firms.  

These benefits are best analyzed by contrasting the marketing needs of mass tort practices with those of personal injury firms. Personal injury law firms seek to attract leads that have experienced a variety of injuries with the potential for monetary remedies. They want to use a wide net with general language to reach the maximum number of prospects. As such, personal injury marketing campaigns tend to ask broad questions like, “Were you or a loved one injured by someone else’s negligence?”   

By comparison, mass tort marketing seeks to attract multiple leads who have experienced similar injuries. Therefore, their ads target a specific injury or wrongdoer. For example, a mass tort marketing ad may ask, “Did your child suffer an injury while utilizing a backyard trampoline?” Though they cast a narrower net, the number of resulting leads can be voluminous. So, mass tort law firms need a CRM platform that can meet the demand. Undue delays can lead to lost opportunities as potential clients choose other firms or decide against pursuing compensation for their harm.  

Law Ruler has an established reputation for helping mass tort law firms navigate their marketing needs. For instance, call centers are a common marketing tool for these firms as a method of quickly reaching a wide range of potential leads. Many of these call center operations rely on Law Ruler features like built-in softphones and text messaging capabilities to ensure timely follow-up communications and drive conversions.   

Law Ruler Helps Mass Tort Firms Meet their Marketing Needs 

Mass tort firms have many viable marketing options to choose from when seeking to convert leads into clients, including targeted email campaigns, newsletters, case studies, and consultations. But for any mass tort marketing campaign to be effective, the proper management tools must be in place. Law Ruler’s legal CRM offers features for consistent management of lead communications, streamlined processes, and greater efficiency, so firm members are freed to handle more profitable tasks.  

For more information about the MTMP Conference, visit the conference website at And click this link for more ways that Law Ruler’s legal CRM benefits mass tort law firms.   


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