Five Roadblocks to Successful Mass Tort Client Intake

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Mass tort cases are some of the most complex legal matters to manage. They require an elevated level of legal know-how, but they also require a mass tort client intake process that drives results. From the initial point of contact with a potential client to conversion into a case claimant, mass tort law firms need an efficient and organized legal client intake process… but potential barriers can get in the way.  

This post explores five roadblocks to successful mass tort client intake and provides valuable tips for overcoming them.  

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Roadblock #1: Bad Timing 

Mass tort cases typically move through four stages: emerging, filing, trial, and resolution. Out of the four, the highest level of consumer awareness generally exists during the emerging and filing phases. This is where consumers are developing an initial awareness about the relevant harm and the potential for compensation. For instance, they have heard of illnesses related to medications and lawsuits being filed, but they have uncertainty about the connection between their own injury and the mass tort claim.  

These phases offer the best opportunity for mass tort law firms to reach potential clients using effective legal marketing strategies. Waiting for one of the latter stages could lessen the pool of prospects. Mass torts is a competitive field within the legal marketplace, so law firms must be ready to act quickly.  

Roadblock #2: Ineffective Marketing Content 

A large part of successful mass tort marketing is educating prospects about the subject matter of the case and how it applies to their personal experiences. But this causes a roadblock for many law firms because they underestimate the intricacies of marketing for mass tort cases. They may include difficult legalese or medical language in their legal marketing campaign instead of using clear and concise wording that is relatable to the general public.  

Another marketing roadblock develops when firms miss the distinction between personal injury and mass tort marketing. Personal injury marketing involves a wide net that catches the attention of leads with a vast range of injuries. Conversely, mass tort marketing focuses on attracting many leads who have experienced similar injuries from the same cause. The mass tort marketing plan should use specific language so that it is more targeted to the desired audience.  

Roadblock #3: A Lack of Follow Up 

Mass tort law practices can miss out on clients if they fail to quickly follow up with prospects. Potential clients view these delays in communication as disinterest and unprofessionalism, two major red flags. As a result, they may choose to join the mass tort case under the legal representation of a competing law firm. 

The management of a mass tort case can easily overshadow the follow up process, but that can create a major roadblock to success. Firms must ensure quick and consistent responses to every prospect. They need to exhibit a level of client service that exceeds anything offered by competing mass tort law firms. 

Why Responding to Prospect Emails is so Important

If prospects don’t receive a timely reply, they may quickly move on to a more responsive law firm. Learn how to make the right first impression and increase lead conversions.

Roadblock #4: Inadequate Processes   

As previously stated, it takes a lot to effectively manage a mass tort case and some firms may lack the needed resources. That may look like an inadequate number of human resources, or a lack of financial resources. It’s vital for mass tort firms to identify their strengths and weaknesses if they are going to overcome roadblocks to success. Some firms do this by joining a co-counsel consortium, where they partner with other firms to effectively represent mass tort clients. Others choose to outsource some of the necessary legal client intake tasks.  

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies provide another viable option for handling mass tort case processes. AI-driven research tools can efficiently search through large databases of medical records, business documents, and case law in a fraction of time. Mass tort firms get the quick and accurate resources they need for effective processes. 

Roadblock #5: Lack of CRM Technology  

Client relationship management (CRM) software for law firms is a necessary tool for any mass tort law firm which potential benefits that include: 

  • Data organization: Legal CRM software provides a comprehensive management system that sorts and organizes all data on a platform that is easily accessible for firm members. This includes data considerations like multiple jurisdictions and statute limitations, the collection of vast medical records, expert witness contributions, and settlement negotiations. 
  • Processes automation: Law firm CRM software can automate many of the countless tasks that go along with mass tort client intake. Firms can automate follow ups and workflows to ensure consistency, save time and enhance the mass tort lead experience.   
  • Data analytics: CRM software for law firms offers valuable data analytics pertaining to the effectiveness of legal marketing campaigns, including data related to mass tort client intake timing, marketing campaign response rates, and cost analytics pertaining to converted and lost leads. 

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