Eight Top Tech Tools for Law Firms in 2022

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The pandemic affected the legal industry in a variety of ways, but one of the most lasting effects has been the expanded use of legal technology by law firms of all sizes and practice areas. Attorneys that once saw tech as an option they could do without, quickly recognized the need for innovation that withstands lockdowns and social distancing.

Many law firms have implemented new technology into their practices to better handle administrative tasks, as well as some aspects of legal representation. This post will take a look at eight of the most utilized tech tools within the legal profession today.

#1 Legal Practice Management

Legal practice management software helps attorneys build, manage, and grow their practices. These tools consolidate a variety of important data into one platform where firm members can quickly communicate and collaborate for greater efficiency. With features like document management, customizable templates, time tracking, and integrated calendaring, legal practice management helps law firms work more productively. This translates into improved client satisfaction and the potential for increased profitability.


Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) is a telephone technology that allows law firms to make calls through the internet instead of a traditional telephone line. Even when firm members work remotely, all outside communications with clients appear as one cohesive firm telephone number. While the popularity of VOIP spiked during the pandemic, many firms continue to use this technology as a convenient and cost-effective communications tool.

#3 Time Tracking and Billing

At the core of every law firm lies a business that needs revenue to stay afloat. That’s why so many law firms rely on innovative technologies to ensure that time tracking and billing is done correctly, efficiently, and consistently. An advanced billing platform enables law firms to track time in a quick and convenient manner, which increases the likelihood of accurate and complete tracking. It can also be automated to easily incorporate tracked time into customizable invoices that are sent to clients on a regular basis. Time tracking and billing software helps law firms stay on top of two tedious legal practice tasks.

#4 Document Management

Law firms are notorious for generating stacks of paper on any given day. But as mobile operations have become more commonplace, the use of paper files has become more tedious and inconvenient. Firm members need the ability to view and access forms virtually no matter where they choose to work, and a good document management system makes that happen. With the right platform, documents and files can be virtually maintained within a secure cloud-based environment where they can be easily accessed, managed, and organized throughout the firm.

#5 Client Relation Management

Client Relation Management (CRM) software helps law firms manage important client communications, while also automating various stages of the marketing process. These platforms allow firms to effectively nurture leads by managing the sales funnel and ensuring timely follow-ups. Law firms need a steady influx of clients for growth and consistent profit, and CRM is the best legal technology to make that happen.

#6 E-Discovery

The days of crowded rooms of attorneys combing through file after file of documents are gone. With E-discovery, law firms can maximize the entire discovery process through the use of artificial intelligence. These software systems can scan thousands of documents and files in a matter of minutes to quickly identify relevant items and separate them from those with less relevance, saving law firms valuable time and resources.

#7 Client Portals

Client portals provide law firms with a quick and simple method of keeping clients informed. They empower clients to independently log into a secure online setting to review and share a variety of information with their legal representatives. From the law firm’s perspective, the client portal empowers attorneys to quickly communicate with clients with messaging, document sharing, and billing information. Client portals are transforming communications between attorneys and their clients.

#8 Online Payments

What happens when law firms are no longer able to accept paper checks or in-person payments? Well, unfortunately, many firms found out that their cash flow was significantly impacted leading to financially devastating results. With online payments, clients can pay their invoices without coming into the office or mailing a paper check. It promotes greater cash flow for the firm, by eliminating time spent waiting for bank transfers. Online payments can be transferred within minutes, helping to streamline a law firm’s accounting processes.

Technology has become an Essential Part of Legal Practice

Attorneys with successful law firms understand the vital role that technology must play in working in a more productive and cost-effective manner. They recognize the value that these tools provide within the firm, as well as their ability to enhance client services and increase client satisfaction. If your firm isn’t taking advantage of these technologies, you may be missing out on an opportunity to stand apart from your competition.

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