Crafting a CTA that Gets Results

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The Call to Action (CTA) is an essential, but often overlooked, part of any law firm marketing campaign. Even the most well-written content can fall flat without an effective CTA that prompts recipients to act. With a little planning and creativity, your firm can create CTAs that significantly improve conversion rates while guiding prospects through the sales funnel process. This post will offer some proven techniques for crafting law firm CTAs that get results.

Language Matters

Individuals often act based on their emotions, so the language and tone of a CTA can significantly affect a recipient’s decision to take action. Consider these examples:

  • “Click Here for a Top-Notch Legal Team that Fights for You!” – The language of this CTA – along with the addition of a simple exclamation point – invokes feelings of excitement about the firm’s skills and abilities. It aims to make prospects feel enthusiastic about the possibility of having top-notch legal representation working on their behalf.
  • “Call our aggressive personal injury lawyers for a free evaluation.” – Prospects want to work with law firms that make them feel confident about their case. This CTA does that by using the word “aggressive” to describe the attorneys.

Also, take note of the first words used in each of these examples. “Click” and “Call” are both strong verbs that command a specific action. CTAs need to be concise and to the point, so it’s important to use words that leave little room for interpretation about the desired action. Let recipients of your law firm marketing material know exactly what you want them to do. Here are some other potential phrases with strong verbs:

  • Download our legislative white paper
  • Fill out this contact form
  • Subscribe to our monthly newsletter
  • Contact our office today
  • Complete this data sheet

One more note about CTA language. Creating a sense of urgency can prompt the reader to act sooner rather than later. This is particularly true in legal matters where time is often of the essence. Use this urgency to elevate your firm’s CTAs with the inclusion of words like “now” and “today.” You can also include phrases like “before the statute of limitations expires.”

Embrace the Trial and Error

An effective CTA can take on a variety of forms. Just as you periodically refresh your law firm’s marketing campaigns, consider changing up the included CTAs from time to time. While this post is offering suggestions that are generally effective, some of these tips may not work as well as others for every legal practice. Don’t be afraid to try new ideas and change your language. Success may require trial and error, and you won’t know how well a CTA performs until you take it for a spin. If it does not seem to be working, make some tweaks and try again.

Formatting Matters Too

The look and formatting of your CTA can be just as important as the language. For instance, if your law firm’s website contains numerous buttons and links, ensure that the CTA button is the most pronounced and visible. If the non-CTA buttons are colored in grayscale, format the CTA button in a bright bold color.

The CTA button should also be placed above the fold on your firm’s website, which means that it is immediately visible regardless of what area of the site a viewer accesses. The CTA should be constantly accessible without the viewer having to scroll or look for it elsewhere.

Another important part of proper formatting is ensuring that the CTA is clearly visible when you’re viewing your firm’s marketing material from a mobile device. Many prospects utilize mobile devices when researching legal representation, and these users typically exhibit different behaviors when compared to laptop users. Completing a form can prove difficult from a mobile device, so they are more likely to take actions that involve making a call or texting. As such, the following types of CTAs can work well with mobile device users:

  • Call to speak with an attorney today
  • Get legal representation
  • Schedule a consultation
  • Text our office today

Remember that mobile users expect quick results, and they are more likely to move on to the next law firm in the search results if your CTA is not easily accessible.

Law Firms Need CTAs that Drive Conversion Rates

CTAs are an important part of your law firm’s marketing strategy. Don’t make the mistake of treating them like an afterthought or using a “one-size-fits-all” model. Think strategically about your law firm’s CTAs for a greater return on your marketing investment.


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