Content for Each Stage of the Law Firm Sales Funnel

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Sales funnels provide law firms with a strategy for attracting new prospects, nurturing leads, and driving conversion rates. The reference to a funnel provides a visual comparison for understanding the ultimate goal of this marketing tool. The sales funnel starts wide, with the aim to attract attention from numerous prospects. It then narrows as the more serious prospects turn into viable leads and eventually convert into paying clients.

Just as sales funnels are vital to a successful law firm marketing plan, effective content is vital to a successful sales funnel. This post will explore the funnel and provide tips about the types of content that firms can use to maximize the results of each phase.


When consumers need help with a legal matter, they search for a law firm that matches their needs and expectations. It is during this Discovery Phase of the sales funnel that prospects develop awareness ofa law firm. Therefore, this phase is all about expanding firm visibility, capturing prospects’ attention, and enticing them to learn more.

Discovery Phase content should be informative, but it also needs to be interesting. The legal industry is a crowded field, so firms need content that stands apart from the others and effectively introduces their brand.

One of the most important aspects of the Discovery Phase is identifying a target audience and ideal client. This information helps with creating content that speaks to the prospects that are most likely to convert. For instance, an Atlanta-based personal injury law firm should incorporate keywords and topics that speak to the types of legal issues that their ideal client would likely research. That might look like these examples:

  • Best Atlanta Personal Injury Law Firm
  • Georgia Automobile Accident Lawyer
  • Atlanta Work Injury Attorneys
  • Top Georgia Medical Malpractice Law Firm

The client persona also helps firms determine where to showcase their content. Suppose a firm specializes in cases that chiefly involve younger clients. While social media platforms like Facebook and TikTok may not be traditional options for law firms, they may be viable content mediums for these firms to be discovered by their ideal clients.

Some content options for the Discovery phase of the law firm sales funnel include:

  • Social media posts
  • Guest blog posting and podcasting
  • eBooks and Whitepapers
  • Publication contributions
  • Webinars
  • Videos
  • Infographics
  • Speaking engagements


Once a prospect takes interest in a law firm for potential representation, the sales funnel moves into the Consideration Phase. Prospects are now viable leads, and they begin the process of evaluating the firm. They want to learn more about the attorneys they will potentially work with, including their skills, reputation, and ability to handle their legal matters. These leads also want to know more about the firm’s culture and how it aligns with their own personality and preferences.

During this stage of the funnel, a firm’s main goal is lead nurturing, which involves building relationships to determine needs and establish trust. Content strategies that work well during this phase include:

  • Personalized email messaging campaigns
  • A free consultation
  • Chatbots
  • Articles with information specific to the lead’s case
  • Social media engagement

Quite often, leads disappear during the Consideration Phase of the sales funnel. This may happen for a variety of reasons. Perhaps their legal needs were met by another firm, or life changes may have forced them to postpone representation. Sometimes, even when leads fully desire to move forward, they still hesitate to do so.

When this occurs, law firms can use re-engagement campaigns targeted at bringing lost leads back into the Consideration Phase. Content regarding statute of limitations or case studies highlighting past firm successes can prove very effective in these situations. Client testimonials and positive reviews may also be used to re-target lost leads.

One more important point about Consideration Phase content. Tracking and reporting are very important. Firms need a good understanding about which types of content yield the best results, so that necessary pivots can be made. Legal technology has come a long way in assisting with this task. For instance, Law Ruler is legal Client Relations Management (CRM) software that offers law firms the detailed analytics they need to gauge the health of their marketing strategies for the greatest return on investment.


This is the final phase of the sales funnel, and likely the most gratifying. Conversion happens when leads make their final decision. They have been effectively nurtured through the funnel and they have developed trust in the firm. They are ready to become paying clients. But there is more to this phase than a retainer agreement and a payment. This is also an excellent opportunity for setting both the new client and the firm up for a successful working relationship.

New clients enter this phase with all types of questions about fees and payment options. They may also inquire about their assigned attorney and how often they can expect matter updates. Conversion content should provide comprehensive answers to their questions. That could happen through:

  • Follow up emails
  • Information sheets with success tips
  • An intake informational video
  • A face-to-face intake meeting

Content used during the Conversion Phase should reinforce the new client’s confidence in the firm and their decision to become a client.

Strong Content is Essential to a Successful Law Firm Sales Funnel

Sales funnel content is not a one-size-fits all strategy. What works for a criminal law practice may not work for a business law firm. The key is to understand the needs of an ideal client and make content that addresses those needs.

With a legal CRM in place, firms can efficiently manage their sales funnel and lead nurturing within an organized and easy-to-use platform. To learn more about Law Ruler’s law firm CRM software, schedule a demo today.


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