9 Marketing Tricks to Improve Prospect Emails

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Prospect emails are a tried-and-true strategy for maintaining engagement with prospects and keeping your law firm top of mind. But effective outcomes require a bit of strategy, so here are nine marketing tips for lawyers to drive prospect email success.  

#1 A Subject Line that Gets Opened 

The email subject line speaks to prospects before they even read the message, helping them make the decision to open or ignore it. To be effective, it should grab the recipient’s attention and spark their curiosity by conveying the email’s value. In a crowded inbox, compelling subject lines are not only opened more often, but they also result in improved deliverability rates.  

Another useful email tip: Email providers consider subject lines when filtering for spam. Subject lines that are too promotional or deceptive risk being flagged and never reaching law firm prospects. A well-crafted subject line that is clear, concise, and to the point is a must for getting through the filters.  

#2 Personalization 

By tailoring content to the prospect’s preferences and needs, law firms can boost engagement rates, making recipients more likely to open, read, and act. Personalization fosters a sense of trust, and it can be done with simple touches like:  

  • Addressing the recipient by name 
  • Referencing specific details relevant to their legal matters 
  • Referencing past interactions 

Personalization turns generic emails into powerful lead nurturing tools.  

#3 Balance Professional with Friendly  

Professionalism in marketing emails reflects competence and skill, two extremely important traits for a law firm. This requires correct grammar, a formal tone, and organization that is easy to comprehend. But being overly formal can result in emails that are impersonal and distant, which can negatively impact recipient actions. That is where friendliness and approachability come into play.  

By making emails more relatable with a conversational tone, law firms can strike a balance between conveying expertise and keeping the recipient interested. Law firms should avoid legal jargon that may confuse or overwhelm the recipient, and also use bullet points to make key points easy to read. Short stories, anecdotes, or even a bit of appropriate humor can also make emails more engaging. These email tips help build rapport and ultimately drive better results. 

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#4 What Sets Your Law Firm Apart 

To be effective, legal marketing emails must demonstrate why potential clients should choose your law firm over others. That involves articulating the firm’s strengths, expertise, and notable cases to establish authority and credibility. Some simple email tips to do that include:  

  • A focus on benefits related to the recipient’s legal matter 
  • Testimonials from satisfied clients 
  • Case studies 
  • Success stories relevant to the recipient’s industry 
  • Awards or recognitions received by the firm 

#5 Valuable Content 

To make a real impression, legal marketing emails should do more than just promote the law firm. They should also provide content that addresses common legal questions, provides insights, or offers practical advice. This may be accomplished through educational articles or blog posts on recent legal developments. A newsletter or ebook, for example, that highlights changes in laws or common legal issues can demonstrate a firm’s expertise while also giving the recipient valuable content.  

Free webinars or workshop offerings can also help recipients learn more about their particular legal topics to foster stronger connections and provide direct value. The consistent delivery of informative content increases the likelihood that prospects will remember the firm when making a final decision.  

#6 A Targeted Approach  

A segmented email list allows law firms to provide prospects with more relevant and personalized content. By categorizing recipients and messages based on various criteria, law firms can tailor messages that resonate. For instance, corporate clients might appreciate updates on business regulations or contract law. Targeted content demonstrates a concern for the unique needs of recipients and the firm’s ability to provide relevant resources.  

#7 If It’s Broken, Fix It 

Marketing emails are not one-size-fits-all. Law firms may have to experiment with different methods and topics before finding a strategy that drives desired results. When marketing emails are not working, firms should implement various email tips to improve them. That may include:  

  • Experimenting with different subject lines 
  • Trying out different content organization and calls to action 
  • Analyzing data to review open and click-through rates 
  • Refining marketing emails to address changes in law 

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#8 Follow Up  

Initial marketing emails may go unnoticed or be overlooked in crowded inboxes, so persistence through appropriate follow-ups may be necessary to demonstrate a firm’s commitment and genuine interest. These messages also provide an opportunity to reinforce the initial message and offer additional value. For prospects that showed interest but didn’t respond initially, a useful email tip would be to send a follow-up with new information, such as a recent case study, or a relevant legal update. This continued engagement keeps firms top-of-mind and may prompt action when the prospect is ready to make a decision. 

Follow ups can also clarify unanswered questions or provide further clarification on complex legal topics included in the initial email. They can also be personalized based on the recipient’s interactions with previous emails, ensuring relevance and enhancing the likelihood of a positive response. Important email tip: Follow ups need to respect the recipient’s boundaries and avoid being overly persistent.  

#9 Automate the Process  

One of the most effective marketing tips for lawyers looking to maximize prospect outreach is to automate the process of sending marketing emails. Client Relationship Management (CRM) software offers law firms the tools they need to automate email drip campaigns for greater efficiency, enhanced accuracy, and consistent engagement. With the right legal CRM software, you can optimize your law firm marketing strategy for greater conversion and growth.  

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