5 Ways to Increase Productivity with Your Intake Specialists

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Without the right systems in place, workflows for legal intake can quickly slow down the growth of your entire law firm, which is why it is extremely important to craft a legal client intake process that promotes efficiency. Many law firms fold these tasks into their legal assistant or paralegal workflows. But to truly boost your overall law firm productivity, your legal intake specialists need the tools to enhance efficiency, earn lead satisfaction, and maximize overall law firm growth. The following are five strategies for making it happen. 

#1 Standardize the Legal Client Intake Process 

Far too many law practices manage their workflows for legal intake without prioritizing organization, creating a situation where each specialist handles their duties in a different manner. When you create a standardized intake process, it helps your firm ensure consistency and efficiency. Develop a step-by-step procedure that intake specialists can follow when onboarding prospects and leads, which may include:  

  • Legal intake templates that include a standardized questionnaire for initial consultations 
  • A predefined script to follow for phone calls 
  • A checklist of required documents that intake specialist can consistently follow 

A standardized legal client intake process helps your law firm operate in a quicker and more efficient way. It ensures that all necessary information is collected upfront, reduces the need for repetitive requests for information, and provides clients with a consistent experience that enhances satisfaction and builds trust. 


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#2 Proper Training  

As useful as a standardized process can be, it must be coupled with adequate intake specialist training. Whether a legal assistant or a paralegal, workflow training should be offered so that they are well-trained in all aspects of the intake process, including the correct usage of intake software, understanding the firm’s procedures, and effectively communicating with potential clients. Along with initial training, regular training sessions can provide a refreshment for maintaining best practices and maximizing law firm productivity.   

With the right training, firm members can efficiently handle a high volume of inquiries, which can be especially useful for practice areas like personal injury and criminal defense. You can feel confident that they are providing potential clients with the accurate valuable information they are seeking, ultimately improving legal intake conversion rates.  

#3 Provide the Right Technology 

The right technology is a game-changer when it comes to creating productive workflows for legal intake. With platforms like Client Relationship Management (CRM) software for law firms, your intake specialists can significantly enhance their productivity while also improving accuracy and providing a greater level of lead engagement. CRM solutions like those offered by Law Ruler are designed to help law firms better manage leads, track client communications, and automate follow-ups. They reduce the manual work related to these tasks, so that your intake specialists can get more done in less time.  

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#4 Automated Document Management 

The volume of documents involved in the client intake process requires an organized document management system, and automation is the key. Automated document management saves time and reduces the errors that can negatively impact conversion rates benefiting your law firm in the following ways:  

  • Legal intake templates can be hosted on your law firm website with 24/7 accessibility so that potential clients can submit essential details such as contact information, case type, and pertinent facts, regardless of the time or day. This can result in higher response rates. 
  • Provided data can be automatically provided to intake specialists upon their availability, so they can quickly move leads through the next step of the process.  
  • Automated document management can facilitate the electronic signing of documents, saving a lot of time, and then instantly organize those forms in a safe and secure manner.  
  • Document automation systems greatly minimize the risk of lost or misplaced documents by ensuring that all legal client intake documents are stored securely and can be accessed easily when needed. 

#5 Provide Multiple Communication Channels 

Effective communication is a must for a successful intake process. By providing your intake specialists with multiple channels, your law firm can better empower them to communicate with potential clients. Law Ruler’s CRM software offers law firms numerous ways to communicate with potential clients during the intake process, including an easy-to-use built-in soft-phone dialer, along with personalized video and text messaging options.  

With multiple communication channels, your intake specialists can efficiently keep clients informed and engaged throughout the intake process. They can also positively impact your law firm’s production by providing clients with information proactively, resulting in less of the inbound calls that can interrupt the daily workflow.  

Multiple communication options can also enhance speed to lead, which is the time between a prospect’s initial inquiry to the firm and their receipt of a follow up communication. Timely follow up is a must and communication options can simplify it for intake specialists. Lastly, potential clients appreciate having communication options that meet their needs and preferences, leading to greater conversion rates.  

Make Productivity an Easy Outcome for Intake Specialists 

Enhancing the productivity of workflows for legal intake specialists involves a combination of technology, standardized processes, effective training, and automation. By implementing these five strategies, you can experience the benefits of a streamlined intake process, improved lead satisfaction, and a boost in overall law firm productivity. To learn more about all that Law Ruler offers for improved intake productivity, visit this link to schedule a free demonstration.  

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