5 Benefits of Using Legal Case Management Software  

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Legal case management software is an invaluable tool that can help law firms engage with clients faster, close more deals, and provide improved legal services. Unfortunately, too many law firms are still relying on older legal software systems that are outdated. These systems were designed before the advent of the more modern state-of-the-art legal management software systems and do not have what a growing law firm needs to edge out the competition. If your law practice is considering updating to a more sophisticated and intuitive case management system, you may be wondering what benefits your business will garner. 

What are Five Benefits of Case Management Software? 

1. Effective Deadline Management

One of the largest tasks for law professionals is handling all the deadlines that are a part of any legal case. Good legal case management software will help you and your staff manage these deadlines efficiently, so you never miss an important date. Legal management software will help you keep track of deadlines, increase productivity, and remember the things on your to-do list with notes, tasks, and reminders.

2. Organized Client Files

All the information relating to a client can easily be kept in one area with a good case management software. Your staff members can enter case descriptions, deadlines, the contact information of parties and participants, notes on the case, task lists related to each case, and much more. You typically have all this information, but do you have it in one area?  Good legal case management software will allow you to quickly and easily access this information and will enable follow-up automation.  It will also include online forms, text messaging and email marketing, and a click-to-call autodialer.  Today, these features are not only a game-changer but are required to stay competitive.

3. Automated Time and Billing Entries

Many firms use one software app for intake, another for case management, and still another for legal billing software. The best option is to have one platform that can do all three of these features including legal billing software, case management, and intake/CRM.  It takes time to have your staff create the same clients in each system and update addresses and contact information. Having your legal billing software on the same platform as intake and case management is the only way to be efficient and save money. If your current solution does not allow you to send text messages, make calls and bill your clients, track marketing, as well as track cases in one single platform you need to reach out to Law Ruler.

4. Coordinated Communication

Because you will have all the contacts of participating parties in one place, it now becomes easier to locate the contact information when you need it. If you have ever wasted several minutes looking for an old email in order to get someone’s address, you know how much time it would save you to be able to access the CMS file and retrieve the address you want, when you want it.

5. Better Workflow Management

When it is time to organize a case, without good legal management software you must pull information from several different sources. Briefs and pleadings may be in a folder on your server along with email messages, while transcripts are in a stack on a shelf. As a firm grows, the task of workflow management can become enormous.  But it can be done efficiently by implementing Law Ruler’s workflow management features. These features allow you to create templates to streamline your process and apply different workflows letting you decide which milestones are important for each practice area and which staff members to assign the tasks to. In the end, you can easily replicate it to another practice area and then adjust it to the situation.

         It is next to impossible to deliver on a clients’ expectations if your firm lacks consistency and competency in your case operations. Fortunately, legal case management software provides ready access to the information, as well as the tools, and resources your firm needs to deliver every case with efficiency and professionalism. Law Ruler is fully operational during the Covid-19 pandemic and as a safety measure, its staff is working virtually to continue delivering world-class support for attorneys and the legal industry. Call us today (866) 607-7796.


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