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3 Reasons Lawyers are Using Video Marketing to Attract More Legal Clients

Law Ruler announces the ability to send video messages out to existing and potential clients. These videos can be used for many different purposes. Read below to see 3 of the top reasons that law firms are implementing video into their practice. Now with Law Ruler, you can text videos directly from the system, straight into the palm of the client’s hand.

Video has been dominating social media for quite some time now, and its marketing strategy is out of this world. In 2020 so far, 1 billion hours of YouTube video content have been watched daily. While traditional marketing approaches such as direct mail, print, and word of mouth referrals might still be working for your law firm, your business is automatically being put at a competitive disadvantage because it is not growing digitally. Simply put, video marketing has many significant advantages that can help your grow your legal firm, including:

  • Boosting online engagement
  • Improving your SEO efforts
  • Educating potential clients

Think for a moment about this: it’s probable that not many people are reading your website’s mission statement daily, but if that information is translated into an engaging video, instantly more individuals will be interested in knowing what your firm is all about. Video marketing sounds exciting. But how do its benefits apply to lawyers and law firms? 


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