6 Things We’ve Learned from the Last 3 Years of Class Action Cases

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A lot has happened in the legal landscape of class action cases over the last few years. The lingering effects of the pandemic, workplace changes, and consumer expectations have all impacted the types of class action lawsuits and the frequency with which they are brought. This post will take a look at six takeaways from the last three years of class action cases and how your law firm can best prepare for what’s ahead. 

#1 – Employment Cases are On the Rise 

Largely fueled by Covid-related cases that are still being brought and litigated, we seen an overall increase in employment related class action matters. These prominent cases typically stem from questionable corporate practices and include disputes related to:  

  • Discriminatory practices  
  • Wage and hour violations 
  • Harassment claims  
  • Federal labor law violations 

#2 – Product and Medical Liability Cases Remain Prevalent  

When we think of class actions, product and medical malpractice cases are often the first claims that come to mind due to their prevalence within the practice area. Well, that has remained true over the past few years, with increasing numbers of consumers fighting back against companies that sell defective products, engage in misleading advertising, or fail to disclose potential risks.  

These same issues extend to medical class action suits, where we have seen more class action claims against pharmaceutical companies and manufacturers of medical devices. 

#3 – Consumer Protection Has Driven an Uptick in Class Action Cases 

Consumer protection class action lawsuits have increased as a whole, but a deep dive into the specifics of these cases showcases the various forms that a consumer protection matter can take. For instance, we can barely get through a week without hearing about the latest data breach or cyber security violation. Particularly when involving a large corporation, these situations have often led to class action lawsuits.  

Cases related to data breaches, privacy violations, and unauthorized data sharing have also risen as consumers sought to hold businesses responsible for not adequately protecting their valuable data. Similarly, we have witnessed the increase of class action suits involving the nuisance of telemarketing and robocall violations.  

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#4 – Environmental Activists are Taking a Stand   

Growing environmental concerns have sparked a significant increase in related litigation. Impacted citizens, lobbyists, and environmental organizations have brought numerous class action suits against corporations and industries over the past 3 years, seeking compensation for their environmental harms or operating outside of regulatory standards.  

#5 – Class Actions Cases Increasing Overall 

Each of these takeaways contributes to the overreaching reality that more and more class action lawsuits are being brought and litigated each year. Records have even been set, including some of the highest class actions settlements the legal industry has ever seen. More than ever, people want to hold businesses and organizations accountable for the harm they cause. 

#6 – It’s Time to Position Your Legal Practice as a Leading Class Action Law Firm 

Just as the number and frequency of class action cases has grown in recent years, so has the number of class action and personal injury law firms getting to the mix. So, it is very important for you to set your firm apart from the rest through effective marketing and top-tier legal client intake processes… and that starts with Legal Client Relationship Management (CRM) software for law firms.  

CRM helps your class action law firm streamline legal marketing and client management tasks for more efficient lead and client communications. Your firm can easily automate client intake communications to attract the interest of potential clients and effortlessly guide viable leads through the law firm sales funnel to conversion. 

Law Ruler has created a legal-specific CRM software that helps you improve your class action lawsuit intake process in numerous ways, including:  

  • Automated email drip campaign tools – This feature helps your firm increase its visibility among prospects and leads by easily delivering relevant content to targeted recipients. 
  • Customizable and AI powered legal client intake forms – With automated data entry, your firm can better nurture leads through the sales funnel and stay up-to-date with their status at all times. 
  • Text message marketing – This innovative communication gives leads and clients the convenience they want. 

Class Action Cases are On the Rise. Is your Law Firm Ready? 

The last three years of class action lawsuits showcases the growth potential that continuously exists within this field of legal practice. Make sure that your class action law firm is ready to take advantage of this opportunity with a streamlined legal client intake process 

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