Not Even a Text? Why Law Firms Need to Get Texting

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 From the start of the millennium, texting became one of the most instant methods of maintaining personal and professional contact. Commonly viewed as an efficient alternative to the phone call or email, the preference for texting has skyrocketed, particularly among younger generations. They like the immediacy of these communications, as well as the small amount of effort it takes to send and receive them. Yet even with these preferences, texting is rarely included within a law firm’s communication methods.

While many – and maybe even most – legal communications are not appropriate for a text message, there are various firm processes that can be more efficiently handled with a texting feature. Client resource management (CRM) is one of them.

In this post, we will explore what texting looks like for law firms and their clients, as well as the reasons why automated texting should be an integral part of the CRM experience.

 Consider this Scenario…

Frank was arrested in the very early hours of the morning and held without bond. He is scheduled to see another judge this afternoon and his family is desperate to find him an aggressive criminal lawyer to appear in court with him. A Google search of criminal lawyers results in a long list of firms, which Frank’s family starts calling to no avail.

Now, what would you do in their situation? Would you just leave a message with the first few firms in hope of receiving a response? Or would you keep calling other firms until you get someone on the phone? Now, let’s say that you get an unexpected text message from one of the firms you called. It acknowledges your message and says that a law firm rep will be calling you shortly. Chances are, you would probably feel heard and reassured that this search might not be as aimless as you feared.

When leads receive no acknowledgment of their initial contact, they often keep looking. For legal clients, that means going to the next law firm on what is likely a very long list. But the firm that sends an automated text message stands out from the crowd and may even halt the searching process. They are more likely to be seen as the responsive, helpful, and innovative option, which is exactly what potential clients want in a firm.

What is Automated Texting?

 Automated texting is a system where scripted text messages are automatically sent to leads and clients when certain prompts or actions are taken. In the example above, it is the initial test message that was sent in response to Frank’s family leaving a message with the firm. These automated texts prove especially useful for simple communications that can take up a lot of firm time. Instead of firm members focusing their time on these important – but non-billable tasks – they can automate the messaging and keep their attention on more profitable matters.

With lead management texts, law firms can substantially expand their marketing efforts by sending automated texts that acknowledge an initiated contact. They can also better transform those leads into clients through texting that promotes engagement and keeps the firm top of mind.

 Why Your Firm Should Use Automated Texting:

First Impressions Last

First impressions create lasting impressions. Too often on their first contact with a law firm, prospects feel disappointed when their calls go unanswered or unrecognized. Even worse when they leave a voicemail only to receive little to no response. Instances like these lead potential clients to keep searching for an answer, and your firm can provide it through an automated texting solution.

Leading Communication Channel

Texting is the prime way to communicate in today’s world. Even more than phone calls and voicemails, texting is the best way to reach prospects and potentially their preferred method of communication. They feel relieved to receive texts from services they’re scouting, especially when the communication is instant and detailed.

According to a Forbes Magazine article, “Consumers spend more time on their phones texting than using any other application. They rarely ignore text messages the way they do phone calls.” The article also states that an overwhelming 97% of Americans send at least one text each day. In addition, “research by OpenMarket found that 83% of millennials open texts within 90 seconds of receiving them.” Research confirms that many consumers prefer texting to other forms of communication, so law firms need to get on board.

 Boosting Firm Demand

Automated texting solutions that are incorporated within a CRM platform provide law firms with useful tools for maximizing the demand for firm services. With automated texts that are customized and well crafted, firms can provide leads with useful information, without coming off as pushy or overly assertive. This type of communication strengthens the client relationship before it even officially begins, which increases the chances of evolving a lead into a client, while also setting the stage for positive client communications throughout the duration of legal representation.

 Automated Tech is Here to Stay

Legal technology is finally catching up to the rest of the business world, and your client contact should be reflective of this fact. Law firms need to maintain communication with both their existing and potential clients, but they need to do it effectively. Legal CRM software solutions provide an innovative peek into the future of client communication. This speaks to the fact that technology is not only here to stay, but it is also ever-advancing to significantly benefit the legal community.

Law Ruler is the Solution for Law Firm CRM Texting Solutions

Law Ruler helps attorneys and firms craft a frictionless communication experience for leads, contacts, and existing clients by meeting them on the platform they overwhelmingly prefer. With automated texting built right into the platform, texts can be easily read and sent right from within the software by multiple firm users. Law Ruler’s automated texting saves lawyers time while providing a positive lead and client experience that conveys information in a way that makes sense for them.


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