New Year New Goal: How to Manage Your Law Firm from Intake to Settlement

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Many law firms are not technologically savvy when it comes to managing the day to day paper trail that needs to follow every interaction all while steadily practicing law. Whether your firm is a pro bono practice or a large corporate entity, every lawyer needs time each day to do relevant research to prepare cases such as precedent agreements and interrogatories. Moreover, the process of reaching out to a lawyer for the prospective client is extraordinarily tedious. The average person will most likely spend many days and nights trying to find a suitable lawyer for their case because the process is long. While technology has been making our day to day lives tremendously easier, it also has something special for law firms to make their prospective clients feel that they have found a home with your firm.

The modern law firm needs a dependable system for managing client matters. The days of sticky notes and shuffling paper logs and legal files are long over. Many successful firms have already transitioned to law practice management software to accurately manage their day to day workflow. Law management software options run from streamlined law-firm productivity software to software that can be integrated with other software and coded for a client service technology stack customized to your firm’s special needs.

The following tips will help you  choose the best law practice management software for your firm:

  • Identify your firm’s specific needs and look closely at your law practice management software requirements into must-have and nice-to-have features.
  • With your requirements in hand, narrow down your choice to the most comprehensive legal management software that meets your firm’s needs.  
  • Finally, sign up for a trial account and put it through its paces to see if it is right for you.

How, you may ask, will Law Ruler’s law practice management software manage your firm from intake to settlement?  Law practice management software is a platform created to manage even the most complicated legal cases along with client records, billing, and bookkeeping. Managing a law firm is not an easy job, but legal project management software will allow you to enhance legal workflow with better time tracking, payroll processing, case management, and more. There are several ways that technology can simplify law practice management.

  • If you are currently maintaining records virtually, it is much easier to search and open a client’s records when required. Because legal cases are always immediate, a delay can cause acute damage to both parties. With legal software, every staff member is taken on board where they can easily access all necessary information with a few clicks.
  • Aside from maintaining excellent client records, a legal management platform gives you the ability to provide a better client experience combined and improved communication plus helpful reminder notifications with built-in tracking tools.
  • When working on any case, research is gleaned from multiple sources and libraries. Unfortunately, much of the required information ends up at such disparate places as transcripts on desks, pleadings on someone’s server emails on another laptop, on and on across the floor of your firm. Legal document software puts it all in one place, simplifying responses and document retrieval and making the record ordering process exceptionally easier with affordable pricing. A bonus – documents are secured and encrypted with 256-bit (AES) encryption, the standard used for protecting data for the military, banks and government entities.
  • Legal management software offers insights and tools on how to grow your practice. With this software, you can keep updated on how to secure more clients and realize which sources will drive the most revenue because of valuable marketing insights recognized through the software.
  • Reports can be run on cases to check productivity. Some of the software choices available come with custom report builders to help you build any report within seconds. It helps you understand which marketing tactics are working for your business while keeping you updated about your law firm with enhanced analytics and reporting features.
  • Lawyers are constantly on the move. Therefore, reliable legal management software for time tracking and billing is more than necessary. Legal practice management software offers the best customizable billing platform that will optimize all the billing and invoicing processes with real-time invoice tracking and multiple reminders ensuring a zero chance that billable hours are not accounted for in a transparent and organized manner.
  • Workflow management will be easily improved for higher client satisfaction because you can now create workflow management templates that will streamline your processes and apply multiple workflows. Any design can be added for multiple teams and their practice areas allowing your team to work collaboratively with business continuity. The first thing your team will do is implement Law Ruler workflow management and then run a Progress Report to show you which if any cases got lost in the mix.  Now there is transparency into your case management processes and the Progress Report will show you just which cases need attention at a single glance. This will help keep your staff moving forward on each case. Today can be the day you begin winning and making your entire legal case management process more transparent with Law Ruler.

So how will you make the most of your law firm in 2020? With legal software from Law Ruler, you will be able to better manage your law firm from intake to settlement. It only takes a small investment while offering the highest return. Along with the software, you will be able to download a convenient app to your smartphone so you can access client information while away from your office.  A good legal CRM should be mobile device friendly, letting you access your data from anywhere on any given day, while also syncing with your email and calendar while allowing for tagging of each case or intake making them easy to find at the office or while working remotely.

The time has come to fully embrace legal technology and use it to its greatest extent. Make 2020 the year your firm incorporates the best legal management software to improve and grow your law firm. The technical support team at Law Ruler is fast, knowledgeable and eager to respond to any and all issues, usually resolving them within hours or at most, one business day.

Make Law Ruler your new silent partner and start winning the day. With world-class support, help is only a call, email, or click away. Turnkey implementation by certified consultants is also available. Call us at 1 (866) 603-5233 or reach out to us on Twitter, Facebook or YouTube.


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