Law Ruler or Salesforce: A Comparison in Legal Marketing Software

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Marketing needs can vary greatly from one industry to the next. What works wonders for a large sportswear retailer may prove far too complex for the average-sized law firm. Yes, they both need quality marketing services, but a closer look reveals some vastly different objectives.

As a major player within the marketing and sales space, Salesforce provides services to some of the world’s largest corporations. But is it the right fit for a small to mid-size law firm? This post will offer a valuable comparison between Salesforce and Law Ruler, a leading legal marketing software provider. With a specific focus on the typical needs of a legal practice, it will provide insights to help you make the best marketing software decision for your firm.


What Law Firms Need from Legal Marketing Software

It is no coincidence that the first part of Salesforce is “sales.” The purpose of the software is to help businesses generate revenue by reaching as many potential customers as possible. It’s a numbers game that operates under the theory that the more people reached, the more sales to be made. While this general concept may sound reasonably applicable to the provision of legal services, some unique characteristics of the profession keep law firms from operating in the same way.

Legal marketing requires more than reaching thousands of people, tracking prospects, and closing the sale. Law firms must be more nuanced in their approach, requiring a process that communicates the value of their skills, experience, and expertise while also maintaining high professional standards.

Your law firm needs a marketing platform that empowers you to nurture leads without diverting firm resources away from billable client tasks. It needs features that facilitate communications, capture activity data, and provide valuable insights through an efficient, affordable, and easy-to-use platform.

Law Ruler is tailor-made to meet the needs of the average law firm. Unlike Salesforce, it was created with the unique characteristics of the legal profession in mind to enhance your firm’s productivity and streamline those legal marketing tasks.

Consider these additional comparisons:

  • Reliability – A look at Salesforce reviews reveals customer dissatisfaction with service interruptions that occur during software updates. These unwelcome disruptions can negatively affect the office workflow and prohibit your firm’s proper management of prospective clients and leads. Even a slight delay in these processes can cost valuable leads as they simply look elsewhere for legal services.

Law Ruler offers a legal marketing software that maximizes availability through the use of seamless software updates. Reliability is never compromised providing your firm with the tools to maintain consistent communication with leads.

  • Managing Expenses – If your legal practice is like most law firms, you keep a constant eye towards expenses, including the cost of legal marketing software. Salesforce advertises a monthly service fee that may seem reasonable on its face, but full utilization of the platform requires the payment of various additional fees. Features like integration may come along with an extra monthly fee, as well as technical assistance costs.

By comparison, Law Ruler offers upfront monthly and yearly subscription tiers, along with a discount for the annual option. After paying the one-time set up fee and choosing a subscription package, your firm has access to a variety of included features, such as live support, virtual training, and numerous integration options. You can take full advantage of the Law Ruler legal marketing experience without the worry of costly hidden fees.

  • User Friendliness – What good is a legal marketing software that no member of your firm can figure out or properly use? Salesforce reviews reveal a complex system that many users find difficult to implement and utilize. Many users even report needing platform experts to come in and help them with training, implementation, and customization… a circumstance that can make the cost of Salesforce even more prohibitive for the average law firm.

Law Ruler is designed to provide law firms with an intuitive experience that works to enhance your workflow… not frustrate it. From its comprehensive resource library to virtual training options, the company works to ensure that your firm can maximize every feature of the platform.


Law Ruler’s Legal Marketing Software Offers Law Firms a Tailored Experience

Marketing and lead management are essential to growing and maintaining a successful practice. Law Ruler makes that happen with features like:

  • Customized data analysis
  • Easy accessibility through cloud-based technologies
  • Streamlined intake procedures
  • Excellent customer service and client support

While it is undeniable that Salesforce has crafted a space within the sales world, that does not make it the best option for your law firm. Attorneys need legal marketing software that meets their firms’ unique needs and Law Ruler is the platform that delivers.


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