How Virtual Receptionists Boost Law Firm Productivity

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How Virtual Receptionists Boost Law Firm Productivity

Time and resources are hot commodities within a law firm environment. Attorneys and their staff members constantly juggle the responsibilities of providing legal services while also managing the basics of running a successful business.

One of the most challenging administrative duties is ensuring that incoming phone calls are promptly answered and addressed. Phones can constantly ring within a busy law firm as prospective and existing clients seek assistance. If these calls go unanswered, the consequences can be severe, including the loss of valuable leads and the erosion of client satisfaction.

Law firms need systems in place to ensure every phone call is answered and addressed in a timely manner. A virtual receptionist can be the resource to make that happen, and the following are some reasons why:

First Impressions Matter

Consistent law firm growth requires a robust marketing strategy that drives lead generation. But even the most effective marketing campaign falls short when prospect inquiries go unanswered. When a potential client calls a law office, they are not only seeking information about their legal needs, but they are also developing a first impression of the firm.

Unfortunately, law firm members may characterize these phone calls as unwanted interruptions to the hustle and bustle of the office environment, even though they are essential for growth. As a result, they may go unanswered or get sent directly to a voicemail with no immediate follow up. This can be a costly mistake because many individuals use their initial interaction with a firm as a determining factor in their engagement decision.

Initial responsiveness and first impressions are essential to lead nurturing, so law firms should not take first impressions for granted. A virtual receptionist is solely responsible for answering calls into the firm, which helps ensure that every first impression is a positive one. In addition, with the right system in place, these professionals can be trained to perform specific administrative tasks related to lead nurturing and client intake.

Responsiveness Enhances Client Satisfaction

The first impression is not the only important interaction. The satisfaction of current clients also matters, which requires consistent communication. These calls should also be answered and handled expediently. When clients feel that their concerns are being addressed, it establishes a greater level of trust in the firm.

In addition, by answering calls quickly, firms can identify potential issues before they become major problems. One of the most common complaints against attorneys is the failure to communicate adequately. With a dedicated virtual receptionist, firms can effectively work to prevent this level of dissatisfaction.

More Resources Dedicated to Billable Tasks

With virtual receptionist services, firm attorneys and legal professionals are no longer forced to forgo billable time in order to answer calls and address nonbillable questions. With these responsibilities in the hands of a trusted professional, attorneys can place their focus on billable tasks without interruption.

The Modern Law Firm Requires Mobility

With many law firms still maintaining some level of virtual operations, the management of phone lines can prove challenging. Attorneys cannot freely work away from the office without worrying about phone calls going unanswered. With a virtual receptionist, all incoming calls are consistently answered and managed, regardless of where firm members choose to work. Integrates with Law Ruler

Law Ruler is a client relations management (CRM) software that provides law firms with marketing automation and client intake solutions. We recently announced that our legal CRM platform can now be integrated with, a leading provider of virtual receptionist services. With features like appointment scheduling and live transfers of urgent calls, this integration provides law firms with many valuable benefits, including:

●  The ability for receptionists to create new lead records, which is essential for lead nurturing. With this feature, firms can ensure that new leads are not lost or turned away by a lack of responsiveness.

●  Receptionists can add call details to contact records and activity logs, which allows every credentialed member of the firm to review accurate and up-to-date call notes. The need for manual note-taking is eliminated, and firm members can quickly access updates without the constant need to check email or internal communication platforms.

●  Firms have peace of mind that all incoming calls are being answered and addressed in an effective manner for greater efficiency, improved lead management, and more accurate tracking of client communications.

●  Receptionists can be trained to conduct a level of lead qualification to help law firms identify prospects with the best potential for conversion. That data can then be used to target those identified leads through the firm’s marketing automation features, such as an email drip campaign.

●’s outreach campaign helps law firms create an outbound call sequence for consistent communications with leads that require follow-ups in order to move through the sales funnel to conversion.


Boost your Law Firm’s Productivity with a Virtual Receptionist

Attorneys need to embrace incoming calls instead of feeling annoyed by them. And a virtual receptionist is the perfect resource for making that happen. With this valuable addition, firms can ensure that calls form potential and existing clients are being answered and addressed, while freeing up attorneys for billable tasks.


To learn more about Law Ruler and its integration options, click here to schedule a free demonstration.


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