How to Ensure ROI when Marketing in Traditional Channels

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Profitability is always a concern when running a law practice. Every purchase must be made with intention and an eye towards the resulting benefit, including those related to legal marketing plans. When firm leaders make decisions about advertising tactics, they do so with the expectation of a high Return on Investment (ROI). In other words, the resulting benefit needs to be worth the cost.  

While the ROI for some digital marketing techniques may be easily calculated, it can sometimes be a challenge to do so for traditional marketing channels. This post will offer some tips for ensuring a high ROI for every marketing dollar. 

Traditional Marketing Channels  

So, what are traditional legal marketing channels? These are the advertising options that predate digital marketing technologies. They include channels like: 

  • Print media – Newspaper and periodical advertisements that are distributed to wide audiences.  
  • Broadcast media – Advertisements taking the form of television and/or radio ads. 
  • Direct mail – The distribution of advertisements through the postal mailing of brochures, informational letters, or flyers.  
  • Billboard – Large signs and images that potential clients see when traveling city streets and highways.  

Though there are many law firm marketing options today, traditional marketing is still widely used due to its effectiveness. It offers great methods for positioning your law firm in front of local prospects and fostering legal client relationships.

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Return on Investment 

Now that we have an understanding about what traditional channels are, let’s take a look at maximizing ROI for these law firm marketing options.  

  • Direct Mail has long been a common legal marketing technique. If you have ever received a speeding ticket or been named as a defendant in a case, you have likely received a variety of direct mailings from local attorneys seeking to represent you.

    Even with the prevalence of internet searches and digital marketing, this traditional law firm marketing channel remains effective. One reason is the possibility that individuals will visit your legal website or conduct an internet search on your firm upon receiving a direct mailing. Another reason is the personalization of direct mail. It arrives via the postal service addressed to a particular prospect. These letters also typically relate to the legal issue at hand.  

    Increasing your ROI on direct mail is all about maximizing the content of your mailing. Personalization is important, so incorporate technology that makes it easy to add specific names into your law firm marketing content. You should also take these channels as an opportunity to showcase your attorneys’ skill and experience. This may be through the inclusion of a brief case study or highlights of a successful case with similar legal issues.


  • Print advertisement remains as a viable marketing technique, partly due to a theory called “digital fatigue” where consumers welcome a bit of print advertising in a world of pop-up ads. Print advertisements have become a throwback to less complex times, and some clients really appreciate that experience.

    The ROI for print advertising largely depends on the level of preparation and research that happens beforehand. Use analytics tools that can help your firm target the right audiences. For example, Client Relationship Management (CRM) for law firms can provide insight into your most viable leads. You can then use that data to thoughtfully choose which print media is the best investment for your legal marketing budget.  

  • Whether through community gatherings or public speaking engagements, face-to-face networking is an effective traditional legal marketing channel for building prospect relationships and qualifying leads. Channels like webinars and speeches tend to attract audiences that either have a current interest in the subject matter you are presenting, or already have an awareness of your firm and want to learn more. Whether virtual or in person, these networking events offer valuable opportunities to connect with potential clients and increase awareness about your law firm’s brand. 

    Ensuring a positive ROI for this marketing option involves both preparation and content value. For instance, what sense would it make to speak about a complex corporate tax issue at a conference for domestic relations? Preparation with legal CRM helps your law firm target its optimal client profile and the content value provides information that leads will find relevant to their legal concerns.

Legal CRM Helps Maximize Traditional Marketing ROI 

Even with the shift towards law firm digital marketing, combined with the right preparation, traditional marketing channels can still provide an impressive return. However, one of the most important aspects of ensuring ROI is having processes in place that nurture the leads captured through these legal marketing efforts.  

Legal CRM software offers the technology your firm needs to not only market successfully within these spaces, but also seamlessly follow up with captured leads. Law Ruler provides a robust CRM experience. With tools like data analytics, automated follow-ups, and text messaging campaigns, your firm can make the most of traditional marketing channels for an impressive ROI. 


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