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Making the move into mass torts is no easy task. These are some of the most complex legal cases a law firm can take on, requiring a lot of time, effort, and skill against some formidable defendants. But along with the legal knowhow of these matters, firms must master the mass tort client intake process, which extends from the initial marketing campaign to officially converting leads into case claimants.  

Your firm can miss out on valuable leads without an effective intake procedure, so keep reading to discover the secrets to a successful mass tort client intake.

The Marketing Goal  

The first secret to successful mass tort client intake is understanding the goal of your legal marketing efforts. You must walk a fine line between education and persuasion to gain the interest of potential clients and stand apart from competing mass tort law firms 

Mass tort marketing seeks to attract multiple leads who have experienced similar injuries, so efforts need to be targeted and specific. Prospects don’t generally initiate contact with mass tort firms based on reputation or brand. Instead, they make that call in response to a marketing campaign that notifies them of a potential claim. That is why the goal of your mass tort legal marketing strategy needs to be visibility and clarity. 

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Follow Up  

Once your firm catches the attention of potential clients, you need to ensure a follow up procedure that meets prospects’ expectations and keeps them engaged throughout the entire legal client intake process. Lack of communications, and even delays in communication, can result in their joining the mass tort claim through a different law firm.  

This is why it is so important to have systems and processes in place to provide immediate and consistent communication to viable leads. For some mass tort firms, call centers are the secret to a successful follow up.  These teams can handle all incoming communications so that no potential client goes without a proper response.  

Another important aspect of follow up is ensuring that it is comprehensive. The mass tort client intake process is about much more than signing an engagement agreement. It should also assist your firm in identifying viable claimants who would actually qualify for the legal remedy, as well as managing client expectations, which are often quite high in a mass tort claim. Widespread mass tort marketing campaigns from various law firms can give prospects the false promise of an immediate and large payday, so it is vital that your legal client intake process temper those expectations. 

Organize the Data  

From beginning to end, your mass tort intake process should include the gathering of client and case data. To make the most of it as you strategically nurture leads through the process, it is best to have a comprehensive management system that sorts and organizes all of the data in a platform that is easily accessible for firm members. Consider these potential mass tort data issues:  

  • Multiple jurisdictions and statute limitations 
  • The collection of vast medical records  
  • Necessary expert witness contributions  
  • Settlement negotiations  

Mass tort clients may enter a claim at various stages of the case, so your client intake process should be equipped to consider many aspects of the matter before converting a lead to a claimant.  

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Client Relationship Management (CRM) software for law firms is a must for managing this influx of data. It can seamlessly organize everything from medical records to personal lead information in a platform that is both secure and easy to navigate.   

Your firm can also use your legal CRM software to collect and review data analytics about the effectiveness of your legal marketing campaign. The right law firm CRM can provide valuable information about pertaining to:  

  • Mass tort client intake timing  
  • Campaign response rates 
  • Cost analytics pertaining to converted and lost leads 

Automate the Processes 

Another major benefit of law firm CRM software is its ability to automate many of the countless tasks that go along with mass tort client intake. With legal CRM, your firm can use automation to strategize workflows, save time, and enhance the mass tort lead experience.   

Law Ruler’s legal CRM software offers a variety of useful features to help your firm stay organized throughout the entire legal intake process, including:    

  • A streamlined beginning to mass tort cases by ordering and receiving medical documents directly from the Law Ruler CRM software, including those that go through the National Records Retrieval System.  
  • An automated report builder that can create detailed data analytics in seconds.  
  • A built-in softphone and texting capability that many call centers rely upon to provide mas tort client intake services.  
  • The ability to ‘warehouse’ cases for the duration of longer mass tort matters while still maintaining automated lead and client communications.   

Law Ruler’s legal CRM software is your secret weapon for successful mass tort client intake. To learn more, click here for a free demo.  

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