Are You Maximizing Your Law Firm CRM?

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Successful law firms need sustainable growth, and that growth strategy should include comprehensive Client Relations Management (CRM) software. A CRM helps firms effectively identify and nurture viable leads to maximize conversion rates and drive profits. But many firms unfortunately miss out on the vast potential of a CRM because they fail to implement all the available features.

This post will explore some of the ways that law firms can best utilize legal CRM software for maximized results.

Easily Identify Viable Leads

Most law firms maintain numerous entry points for potential clients and prospects. This may include websites, email campaigns, social media posts, and podcasts. These various options can generate numerous leads and firms must be prepared to capture each of them. That is where a legal CRM shines.

For instance, most firms maintain a contact form on their website. With the right law firm CRM in place, site visitors’ contact information automatically imports into the firm’s CRM database as soon as the contact form is completed. These well-organized lead profiles can be easily accessed by firm members for evaluation of lead viability and initiation of an appropriate nurturing process. No matter the source of the contact, a law firm CRM ensures the capture of valuable data.

The other benefit of this capturing process is the ability to track the source of a firm’s most viable leads. While some legal practices may generate most of their prospects from their websites, others may have a more effective social media presence. With law firm CRM capture data, attorneys can quickly identify their most impactful marketing tools for better planning and resource allocation.

Strategic Lead Analysis

Time is always of the essence within a legal practice, so firms must implement highly productive and efficient processes. Time spent on lead nurturing and intake is usually unbilled, so it’s important for these tasks to be handled in a timely manner so that members can get back to more profitable matters within the law firm.

A CRM helps to make this happen with tools that help prioritize leads with the most potential for becoming paying clients. With valuable prospect information, firms can easily analyze the merits and potential conversion for each prospect and lead.

Automated Lead Nurturing

Automation is a major benefit of law firm CRM. These features help firms maintain communication with leads for effective nurturing while also improving new client interactions through consistent communications and processes. Consider these automation options offered by Law Ruler, a leading law firm CRM provider:

  • An automated drip campaign that helps firms manage lead nurturing by automatically sending emails that are tailored to the specific legal needs of the recipient.
  • Text messaging capabilities that meet client preferences and allow for the streamlined exchange of texts, emails, pictures, and videos.
  • Voice calling campaigns that use pre-recorded voice messages to automate follow-ups, while providing firms with call-tracking and recording capabilities for inbound and outbound calls.

These automated workflows help legal practices enhance their processes with greater productivity and less room for errors. Leads are effortlessly guided through the sales funnel for greater conversion rates firms need.

An Organized Client Intake Process

The practice of law takes multitasking to a whole new level. Firm members are constantly working to manage various duties related to numerous matters. So, the ability to streamline and organize even one of those processes can prove extremely beneficial across the practice. Law firm CRM software does that for the client intake process. Here’s how:

  • The tedious – and costly – task of manual data entry becomes a thing of the past with automated form completion features.
  • Firms can create customized online forms that are intuitive, mobile-friendly, and easy for new clients to complete.
  • Electronic signing capabilities that make gathering necessary signatures and acknowledgements as simple as clicking a button.
  • With document automation, document assembly is done in minutes instead of hours.

Law firm CRM simplifies the client intake process to provide legal practices with an efficient, comprehensive, and user-friendly experience.

Maximize Conversions and Improve Processes with a Law Firm CRM

This post ends where it began – law firm growth. Firms need consistent growth in order to remain viable and a legal CRM is essential for meeting this need. Not only does it promote productivity and consistency among firm members, but it also streamlines the lead nurturing process for greater conversion rates. To learn more about the law firm CRM features offered by Law Ruler, sign up for a demo.


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