5 Reasons Your Social Security Disability Firm Needs a Legal CRM

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Social Security Disability firms have their own unique workflows, as well as their own set of challenges. From high intake volumes and additional screening to tracking ongoing casework and endless document assembly, it can feel overwhelming to maintain consistent client relationships.

Thankfully, there are systems that can help automate many of the client tracking tasks that eat up administrative time. Legal CRM software can help you find, sign, and build more client relationships in less time—all while optimizing your marketing and intake workflows so you can focus on active cases.

Why choose a legal CRM?

A client relationship management (CRM) system helps businesses facilitate relationships and growth through increased connections and touchpoints with clients, while also providing metrics and data tracking to continuously improve your efforts.

While a basic CRM can be used across any profession, it requires deep customizations to be truly effective for law firms. The problem is that many law firms, including those that handle SSDI cases, may not have the time it takes to develop a customized CRM for their practice.

This is where legal-specific CRMs become essential.

Because legal CRMs are precisely designed with the client needs, workflows, and compliance requirements of the legal field in mind, they offer advanced functionality without the need for advanced system customization.

Legal CRMs are a fantastic resource for marketing and client communication efforts, especially when it comes to separating out qualified leads and maintaining relationships.

Legal CRMs can help you automate key parts of your intake process, lose fewer leads from your intake funnel, and build stronger relationships with clients.

Among other benefits, the right software tools can help your firm:

  • Streamline client intake
  • Qualify new leads
  • Gather documentation
  • Stay top-of-mind with prospects
  • Identify practice areas for growth

Most importantly, you’ll be able to efficiently help your clients access the benefits they deserve.

Five ways a legal CRM can help your Social Security Disability Law Firm

Targeted marketing outreach

If growth is your goal, then targeted marketing outreach is critical—not only to grow your pool of potential clients, but also to target pools of qualified potential clients. These are the clients that are most likely to need your services.

A legal CRM’s marketing automation tools can streamline these processes, opening up more ways to connect with potential leads in less time. Marketing automation helps SSD firms create more touchpoints with leads, including:

  • Email drip campaigns
  • Text message marketing campaigns
  • Phone campaigns through pre-recorded voice calls
  • And more!

These systems can take some planning to set up at first, but once established, they can save you time while improving client relations and increasing your revenue.

A streamlined, efficient intake and screening process

Inefficient intake processes can hinder your firm’s ability to grow. Legal CRMs allow firms to quickly and efficiently qualify new leads, even when less experienced team members are handling intake.

CRMs can be used to pre-screen clients, meaning you can focus on the leads that are a good fit for your firm. Plus, intake forms can be customized to fit your specific criteria for the cases you want to take. This process saves you time and allows team members with less experience to effectively handle intake.

A legal CRM also streamlines intake workflows with automated data entry and client intake tracking tools, which decreases redundant manual entry and administrative tasks.

On the client side, mobile-friendly intake forms also make your intake process easier for leads to navigate, which decreases the chance of losing leads from your intake funnel.

Gather necessary documents faster

Social Security Disability firms handle a lot of documents. It’s just a fact.

That said, many firms still rely on tedious methods to generate, send, and gather documents. Because applications and appeals processes can quickly fall apart without the necessary documentation, firms need a system to process documentation quickly.

A legal CRM with document assembly functionality can automatically deliver the document package of your choice to clients with custom document templates, which shaves hours off of complex document assembly. Furthermore, software syncing capabilities reduce manual data entry.

In addition to document assembly, Law Ruler’s eSignatures are binding and secure, eliminating print paperwork and all the steps involved with printing, scanning, and re-sending. By using eSignature requests in tandem with automated reminders, a law firm can reduce hands-on administrative tasks.

All of these time-saving processes add up, enabling SSD legal practices to spend more time supporting their clients and providing quality service.

Consistent communication with a high volume of potential and current clients

The right legal CRM can help your law practice provide consistent communication, even with a high volume of clients.

For example, legal CRM can automatically send personalized follow-ups within seconds of a lead first reaching out. Firms can also schedule automated reminders for attorneys about key deadlines and tasks, or send clients automated scheduling reminders to reduce the possibility of consultation or court date no-shows.

Many clients prefer texts over calls or emails. With the right CRM platform, law firms can easily automate personalized text messages for:

  • Follow-ups
  • Consultation information
  • Appointment confirmations
  • Court date reminders
  • Trust fund replenishment requests

Firms can also communicate with current and potential clients through email drip campaigns. You can run drip campaigns to:

  • Generate referrals
  • Run a welcome campaign for newly converted clients
  • Request reviews following completed legal matters
  • Alert clients of changes to government-run programs

Targeted marketing strategy and data analytics

The analytics tools included in your CRM can help you focus your marketing efforts more effectively by helping you understand your marketing ROI and where your most qualified leads are coming from.

Law Ruler’s Dashboard Analytics capabilities make it easy to analyze your marketing efforts and monitor KPIs through real-time data and custom reports. These automated and robust reports help teams optimize their performance, measure intake and marketing initiatives, and make informed, data-driven decisions.

Users can even automate reports to help track productivity and improve efficiency. Evaluate your costs for new clients, review your conversion rates, and measure areas for improvement at a glance, all with the help of a legal CRM.

Find the right legal CRM for your practice with Law Ruler

Let Law Ruler’s experts help you and your team experience a client-centered, data-driven legal CRM. Our goal is to simplify your operations to help your SSD practice grow.

Explore how your team can build long-term, sustainable growth. With automated appointment scheduling and email and text messaging, building strong relationships with your clients has never been easier.

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