This is How Automation Will Fundamentally Streamline Your Law Firm with Law Ruler and Needles Case Management

Automation is changing our world and can change how you conduct business in your legal practice.  With the influx of potential clients reaching out via mobile phones and websites, the ability to make an impression from the initial connection is critical in securing new clients or referrals.  It is imperative that potential clients are greeted in a professional and entrusting atmosphere since your law firm is likely one of five firms they will contact in their search for legal representation.

  Law Ruler is designed to be used by your law firm’s staff to manage clients while the magic happens in the background!  Automation (#AutomateIt) is the key to your firm’s ability to move forward in the 21st century and effectively manage your client intake in the most expert means possible.  Today’s legal practices need to either evolve or be left behind.  Law Ruler provides the tools necessary for small to medium size firms to track all of their calls, instantly engage and respond to referrals/leads promptly.

Law Ruler and Needles Legal Software

Discover how Law Ruler works on its own or seamlessly wraps around Clio, FileVine, Needles, TrialWorks, Aderant, and other legal practice management software. With the utilization of Law Ruler, you have the potential to increase the number of new clients by 20-30% from your existing marketing.  Furthermore, the automation will assist your staff and overall operation of your law firm with increased efficiency, effectiveness, and professionalism. 

Automating the procedures saves man hours, money and yields more clients. Efficiency becomes the backbone

of the automation process! Law Ruler, a cloud-based legal case intake and conversion CRM system, will help your firm connect your referrals and leads from incoming phone calls, websites, or social media. Law Ruler has coupled with Needles®, a customizable legal case practice management software platform for law firms and lawyers.

Needles provides legal firms with the necessary tools to effectively increase productivity and manage your clients’ legal work with upmost professionalism. Needles’ legal case management software and practice management solution delivers the technology required to transform your firm into a more efficient and profitable law office. With the combination of Law Ruler marketing automation and Needles® legal practice management, you fundamentally change the operation within your law firm.  A prospective client yields a signed client that ultimately yields a potential settlement.

Streamlining the work flow within your office is the bottom-line of automation.  Law Ruler accomplishes everything from automated data entry, tracking calls, document automation, E-signature, prompt delivery of time-sensitive information such as retainers and authorizations, and so much more!

Law Ruler is 5-Star Rated Across the Board – Google, Facebook and Capterra! Learn why investing in Lead Management Software is critical to your firm’s future success. Please call to INSTANTLY Start your Demo: +1 954-371-2300 or schedule a free product demo.

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