The #1 End-to-End CRM Software Suite for Litigation and Plaintiff Firms!

Built with your firm’s growth in mind! The #1 end-to-end software suite for law firms.  Law Ruler legal CRM & case management is designed to help firms sign up, intake, and manage more cases.

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Pricing and Feature Comparison

The only All-In-One legal case management and legal CRM software at a reasonable price without requiring multiple add-on products to achieve similar functionality. No add-ons needed. Just performance.
Pound-for-pound the most capable and affordable solution on the market.

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The only All-In-One legal software at a reasonable price. No add-ons. Just performance.
Pound-for-pound the most capable and affordable legal CRM on the market.

Key Features

Trusted & Secure Platform

Built on the Microsoft Azure platform, which is used by more than 90% of Fortune 500 companies, Law Ruler features A-Rated, bank-grade security features.

Collaborate & Work from Anywhere

Law Ruler features a Microsoft Office 365 Integration that allows Word, Excel, and Powerpoint documents to be edited without the need to download to your computer.

Integrate, Track & Grow

Market, track and attribute your efforts like a market leader. Make your best months repeatable with complete integration of your firm’s calls, websites, digital marketing, and social media.

Automate with a Personal Touch

Start delivering every client interaction with a personal touch including emails, text messages, appointments, text e-signs, documents, invoices, matters, and more with powerful automations.

Why Law Firms Love Law Ruler

Hear from a Law Ruler customer,
Hansen Rosasco LP that manages its litigation for WTC victim compensation in Law Ruler.

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Powerful Integrations for Seamless Collaboration

We integrate with world-class technology services your law firm already uses.

Law Ruler Zapier Integration
Law Ruler Microsoft Office 365 Integration

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Why Law Firms Love Law Ruler

Why Law Ruler?

Law Ruler is a functional and propelling enterprise software that transforms traditional, complex workflows into simplified, growth-oriented cloud solutions for Litigation & Plaintiff firms.
We meticulously combine technology and expertise to position your firm for growth.  

Our Mission

We believe that every firm deserves the best chance for success.
That’s why we aim to level the playing field by providing world-class software solutions and expert consulting to law firms who want to grow.

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Law Ruler’s web-based software includes a free, cross-platform app designed for both Apple iOS and Google Android phones and tablets.  Download it from the App Store!

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