Dashboard Analytics

Law Ruler Sonar

What are Your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for Marketing, Intake and Referrals?

  • How much are you spending in marketing and where was it spent?
  • How much does it cost for each new lead and new case signup (by practice area)?
  • How many leads does it take to sign up a case (Conversion Rate %)?

Law Ruler Sonar - Custom Dashboard Analytics

What are Your Firm’s KPIs for Litigation and Case Management?

  • Where are all our cases at currently?
  • How do you see if any dockets or specific cases are falling behind and need attention (without opening every case file)?
  • How productive is my staff? Do I have enough staff? Who is performing the best compared to their peers?
  • Measure staff productivity and vendors over time to identify historical trends/patterns.
Dashboard Analytics

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