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 Law Ruler Lead Conversion App – A LOT more than *just* a Legal CRM

How Law Ruler can Transform Your Firm. Automate Your Intake

Nurture relationships with leads/referrals that aren’t ready to buy. Client interactions go Viral. Call 954-371-2300 to INSTANTLY Start Your Demo 
On average, only 20% of leads/referrals are sales-ready when they first come in. This means you need a disciplined process – known as “lead nurturing” – to develop qualified leads until they are sales-ready. If done well, nurturing can result in up to 50% more leads converted to signed cases at 33% lower cost per lead.

Retain and extend client relationships.    The law firm marketer’s job is far from finished once someone becomes a client. For most industries, especially legal; the real value comes from retaining and deepening the customer relationship over time.

How Law Ruler Lead Conversion Software differs from JUST a CRM app: Law Ruler is 1 SYSTEM that Replaces Many Different Systems


Lead Conversion Software not just a CRM

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Cutting-edge, Turnkey Legal Case Intake Software
Unprecedented Results WITHOUT the Frustration


Powerful Lead Conversion


Lots of Integrations

sdfsd 5-Star Lead/Intake/Contact Mgmt – Sign more Cases!
sdfsd Built in SMS Text & Email Marketing
sdfsd Powerful Dashboard Analytics
sdfsd Turnkey w/ 25+ Best Practices Templates for major practice areas
sdfsd Law Firm Lead Creator and Call Tracking Phone #’s / Call Recordings
sdfsd Never Miss a Call-In or Web Lead Again
sdfsd Persistent, Automated Follow-up System
sdfsd 1-Click Send E-Signature w/auto-follow up
sdfsd Online Intake Forms for automating intake – docs/photos/info
sdfsd Unlimited Practice Areas
sdfsd 1-Click Refer Case Button
sdfsd Compatible w/Most Major Practice Mgmt
sdfsd Unlimited Custom Fields
sdfsd Scalable solution for All Law Firm Sizes
sdfsd Available Cloud or On-Premise Server
sdfsd Compatible with All Devices (HTML5)
sdfsd Don’t See it? We got it!
sdfsd Docusign
sdfsd Adobe Sign (Echosign)
sdfsd Needles Practice Mgmt
sdfsd Clio Practice Mgmt
sdfsd Apex Live Chat
sdfsd nGage Live Chat
sdfsd Alert Communications
sdfsd Legal Intake Professionals
sdfsd AnswerConnect
sdfsd Your Website/Landing Pages
sdfsd Vonage Business Phones
sdfsd Asterisk Business Phones
sdfsd AVVO
sdfsd MSFT Outlook 2013 (2-Way)
sdfsd FindLaw / WestLaw
sdfsd Don’t See it? We got it!