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Stop Letting Clients Slip
Through the Cracks

Law Ruler is an AI-powered, turnkey, easy-to-use solution to monetize your existing marketing into signed clients and make your team the best they can be.  Start getting MORE than the low hanging fruit. Law Ruler is the CURE for Window Shoppers, Fence Sitters, No Reply/Don’t Call You Back leads, and MORE!  Automatically send SMS Texts and Dial New Web Leads with the Law Ruler AI!

Unprecedented Results,
Increase Conversion by up to 50%
WITHOUT the Frustration

Industry-leading small-to-medium sized law firm marketing software without the pain and guesswork. Wouldn’t you like to increase conversion of inquiries/referrals by up to 50%?

Wraps Around Your Existing
Legal Software Programs
and Marketing Vendors

This seamlessly wraps around Clio, FileVine, Needles, TrialWorks, and other existing legal practice management software, marketing, call center and live chat vendors. You should have no concerns about duplicate systems. Law Ruler has you covered.

What our customers are saying:

“Prior to Law Ruler, leads were always a complete mess… attempts to track a lead’s status was only as good as the employee inputting the information. Human error was rampant and cost my firm a fortune. Taking the human element out of 90% of the lead process has resulted in a better customer experience, better close ratios, and a better return on investment. We can now, with great accuracy, handle far more volume than we could before. I am very pleased with the software. Dan and his team have been fantastic to deal with and are very responsive whenever we had an issue.”

E. Ryan Bradley, Managing Partner and Founder of The Bradley Law Firm