Case Study

The Becker Law Firm

The Becker Law Firm is a medical malpractice law firm serving the Cleveland, Ohio, community since 1979 and founded by Attorney Michael Becker. With a proven track record of positive outcomes, its experienced team of personal injury lawyers use their expertise in fighting to bring full justice to families who suffer life-altering injuries or wrongful death due to negligence.

The Results

  • Since using Law Ruler, The Becker Law Firm’s leads have increased from 466%.
  • The firm was able to build a new intake department to vet incoming leads
  • Tracking and managing leads have become streamlined and efficient
  • The firm’s “speed to lead” has increased significantly
  • Freed up time for both attorneys and intake coordinator

Law Ruler’s lead organization features allow the firm to easily keep track of all cases via a system of customizable fields, tags, color codes, and inbox filters. The Becker Law Firm also decreased its speed to lead by integrating all lead sources, including its website chatbots. With Law Ruler’s assistance, the intake department created a list of standard responses to send ineligible cases.


The Challenge

Recognized nationwide for the complexity of the matters they take on, The Becker Law Firm has been helping clients with medical malpractice and catastrophic injury claims for over four years. During this time, they used various CRM and marketing solutions to handle lead management, but they needed a better solution to help with lead quality and quantity, not to mention efficiently managing leads.

The solution? Law Ruler CRM.

Why Law Ruler?

Law Ruler’s CRM stood out for its easy implementation, robust features, and intuitive dashboard, making it the clear answer. Besides its CRM feature, Law Ruler also offers client intake solutions. With these solutions, the Law Ruler team helped The Becker Law Firm establish a new client intake department with Smith as its coordinator.


“Before Law Ruler, we didn’t have a great intake process. [Law Ruler] makes me organized and good at my job. It allows us to manage all the leads and our referral program, plus we can track all of our referral sources. That kind of management of leads is critical.

Jackie Smith, Intake Coordinator at The Becker Law Firm

Spend less time on paperwork and more on cases.