Driving Client Growth with Digital Marketing and Legal CRM

Law firms that look to actively grow their client base and retain their best customers are setting themselves up for a bright future, and a proper legal CRM will help tremendously.

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Key Features

Trusted & Secure Platform

Built on the Microsoft Azure platform, which is used by more than 90% of Fortune 500 companies, Law Ruler features A-Rated, bank-grade security features.​

Collaborate & Work from Anywhere​

Law Ruler features a Microsoft Office 365 Integration that allows Word, Excel, and Powerpoint documents to be edited without the need to download to your computer. ​

Integrate, Track & Grow​

Market, track, and attribute your efforts like a market leader. Make your best months repeatable with complete integration of your firm’s calls, websites, digital marketing, and social media.

Automate with a Personal Touch​

Start delivering every client interaction with a personal touch including emails, text messages, appointments, text e-signs, documents, invoices, matters, and more with powerful automation.

Why Law Firms Love Law Ruler

Law Ruler is a functional and propelling enterprise software that transforms traditional, complex workflows into simplified, growth-oriented cloud solutions for Litigation & Plaintiff firms. We meticulously combine technology and expertise to position your firm for growth.

Hear from a Law Ruler customer that manages personal injury and mass tort litigation throughout Missouri, Illinois, and Colorado.

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Pound-for-pound the most capable and affordable legal CRM on the market.

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