Why Top Law Offices Rely on Legal Case Management Software to Grow their Firms

Most up and coming attorneys understand the practice of law to be just that: the execution of fundamental legal work within the confines of a large law firm with a staff that handles all business and case management issues. As it turns out, a considerable number of attorneys will end up practicing in solo or small firm law offices where law practice and office management is an everyday fact of life. Law practice management is business management specifically for law firms. Many of the issues that apply to regular businesses also apply to law firms, including technology choices and ROI.

Every law firm has a unique culture and method of serving clients and getting work done. The processes are usually highly individualized, with each attorney using the technology solutions that fit their specific comfort level and need. In this type of tech free-for-all environment, frustration, miscommunication and inefficiency reign as partners, associates, and staff members scramble to understand one another’s individual  processes resulting in important messages not being communicated to everyone on the team, associates wasting time getting up-to-speed on rules and procedures, and multiple drafts being sent back and forth via email. The impact – clients do not receive the most efficient service from your legal team, their expectations are not met, and confidence and trust in your firm is eroded while they turn to your competitor.

Following are some of the key features your firm should consider when choosing a tech solution. The legal software platform you choose should include the following capabilities:  

  • Secure cloud-based platform
  • Matter and document tracking and management
  • Form and document templates updating
  • Customizable checklists
  • Secure communication and file sharing capabilities
  • Time tracking and billing platform
  • Integrated calendar and scheduling
  • Email monitoring and management

In today’s ever-evolving and competitive legal marketplace, law firms can be outpaced and left behind making it more crucial than ever to have the right legal tech solutions to build, manage and grow their law firm by investing in a robust legal case management software platform.

3 Key Benefits of Legal Practice Management Software:

1.   Increased efficiency – When everyone has access to the same updated information, they can collaborate and communicate easily saving time and lessening frustration which translates to increased revenue for the firm.

2.   Reduced risk – Legal clients expect their law firms to be partners who are fully invested in their businesses and understand the daily ins and outs while being fully invested in their success. By having access to up-to-date legal materials attorneys are better able to anticipate and minimize problems that may affect their clients’ businesses. 

3.   Greater overall satisfaction – Information is the key to power. Being able to quickly and easily access the information needed to do their jobs well provides lawyers the opportunity for professional growth. For your clients, having accurate and detailed information about matters that affect their business is vital to their success. A law firm that can deliver these solutions is regarded as a trusted partner.       

It is important to find a top-notch legal practice software provider who will be a committed resource in your journey as you integrate legal case management software into your business operations. Legal technology specialists say that Law Ruler makes the typical workflow at a law firm 100% better. Law Ruler developers listen to their users, and periodically issue code updates to make further improvements based on attorney feedback. Additionally, the help desk at Law Ruler is very responsive to all issues, and usually resolves them within hours or within 1 business day. Attorneys appreciate that the integration and onboarding process is not complicated and cumbersome, and that assistance is available when needed. Law Ruler is committed to providing legal case management software that is well-designed, intuitive, and provides immediate value to all stakeholders. Schedule a free demo today by contacting Law Ruler here, or by giving them a call any time at: 866-609-5105.

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