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Mass Tort Trends in 2023

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Mass Tort law firms face distinct challenges when it comes to attracting and retaining clients. To successfully grow your clientele, you need to demonstrate an unwavering dedication to earning potential clients’ trust and educating them about their legal rights. To reach the large base of potential clients who have been impacted by a particular lawsuit, you need to leverage intelligent technology to do the heavy lifting and a clear understanding of where Mass Tort is headed for 2023.

Learning Objectives:

Mass Tort trends in 2023
How to turn your leads into clients with the help of automation
How to maximize and streamline your client intake

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Matthew DeFrain

Account Manager – Law Ruler Software

Since joining Law Ruler, Matthew has helped hundreds of firms grow their practice, increase productivity, and simplify how they integrate with leading technology. His knowledge in law and cloud-based software has given him the industry experience that continually helps law firms succeed! Now his mission is helping law firms across the country, and from every practice area, learn how to use simple software to track, grow, and maintain relationships to grow their business.

What Clients are Saying About Law Ruler

We are two months into our “Law Ruler Revolution” and my firm is transforming before my eyes. The immediate impact is higher lead capture through automation.

Adam Smallow

Managing Partner of the Law Offices of Adam M. Smallow

I come out looking like a rock star, so I love Law Ruler…What we liked so much about Law Ruler was it eliminated a lot of data entry errors and user errors. It really streamlined the time for the intake and offers marketing, retention of clients, and bookkeeping. All of these things are in one place. It is your one-stop-shop for all of the things that we previously did on 10 different forums.

Samantha Stone

Supervising Paralegal, Hansen & Rosasco, LLP

Law Ruler has been instrumental in capturing ALL Leads and helping us drill down on which marketing efforts REALLY work!

Jennifer Gore-Cuthbert

Founder/Owner, Atlanta Personal Injury Law Group - Gore LLC

Law Ruler is a functional and propelling enterprise software that transforms how you manage leads, prospects, and clients into simplified, growth-oriented cloud solutions for firms in various practice areas. We meticulously combine technology and expertise to position your firm for growth.