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5 Ways Law Firms Can Sign More Legal Cases Using Their Own Server

July 25, 2016 – Daniel S. Jacobs – Law Ruler Blog

Client server model.svg  300x180 5 Ways Law Firms With Their Own Server Can Sign More Legal CasesAs the needs of your firm grow, so will the need for a more sophisticated, secure and comprehensive legal CRM software. How about an approach that is compatible with leading on-premise legal practice management solutions such as Needles TM, TrialWorks TM, and others?

Below, are 5 ways law firms sign more legal cases using their own secure server and a premium legal case intake CRM for lawyers:

  1. They install an efficient legal case intake CRM software on their firm’s internal server and spend less unpaid time chasing down legal signatures.
  2. They use automated client intake, spend less time on manual billing and time-keeping, and free up more time for paying clients.
  3. They install a powerful and scalable, automated legal case intake software that will seamlessly manage time intensive tasks like drafting agreements and tracking potential clients.
  4. They hold their firm’s data in-house to allow for feature-rich customization and optimized tools that will securely track leads, manage staff and client communications, and convert more potential new clients.
  5. They use secure legal CRM technology to help them nurture and maintain strong relationships with their clients and convert more potential new clients.

For law firms that choose to maintain their own network security and servers, Law Ruler’s top-rated On-Premise legal case intake CRM software can be installed on a firm’s own server using their local internet network. In conjunction with a Microsoft Windows Server® environment, On-Premise installation puts you in control of your firm’s security and will help your firm sign more legal cases.

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