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medical Records ehr icon 300x226 3 Reasons Why You Need Law Ruler’s Medical Records Retrieval API Integration3 Reasons Why You Need Law Ruler’s Medical Records Retrieval API Integration
By Law Ruler, Marketing

Securing medical records relevant to a client’s case in a timely manner is not only vital but often a significant factor for the successful representation by any law firm. Without these documents, preparation for litigation, mediation, court hearings, and trials can be adversely impacted.   Medical records are required throughout the legal process and essential in a wide range of legal matters ranging from a clinical negligence claim, a traffic accident, or a workplace injury. The process of securing this much needed data can certainly be daunting and undoubtedly laborious.  Law Ruler takes the frustration and inefficiency out of the equation.

There are three areas of concern that every law firm faces with regards to medical records retrieval:
1. Speed and proficiency
2. Affordability
3. Security of the Data

Speed and Proficiency of Securing Documents

Law Ruler’s Medical Records Retrieval module allows for the fast, accurate and secure transmission of these documents.  The old adage, “time is money”, certainly applies in this instance.  Case preparation and fast turnaround is key and without the needed health documents, your paralegals and legal assistants are left unproductive and spinning their wheels.  Law Ruler guarantees the best turnaround time in the business – order Medical Records directly from inside Law Ruler, get notified when they arrive, and the records will be waiting inside Law Ruler.


Law Ruler’s Medical Record Retrieval Module streamlines the record ordering process, passes the savings on to your firm through affordable pricing, and allows small to mid-size firms the opportunity to take advantage of electronic systems that are within your means. Our investment in leading technologies and, most certainly, cyber security, allows us to be much more efficient, so we pass on the savings to our clients.

Security of Data

When requesting protected health information (PHI), any identifiable information that relates to your client must be protected under HIPAA’s rules.  With Law Ruler’s Medical Record Retrieval Module, all data is encrypted using 256-bit (AES) encryption recognized as the standard for protecting sensitive data for government, bank, and military grade applications. You can be rest assured that the security of your client’s health information is protected. Law Ruler’s secure cloud platform is HIPAA compliant throughout with the most advanced security available. Safeguard and protect your firm’s cyber security and governance issues and move forward with your daily business.

How We Can Help You

Law Ruler’s Medical Records Retrieval module requires a HIPAA Compliant Cloud Hosting Plan which is an additional service, per scope and client requirements.  Want to add this layer of protection and security to your firm? If you’re interested in learning more about how Law Ruler’s HIPAA compliant, cloud hosting can protect your clients’ health information in a safe and secure cloud platform, feel free call today at 1-954-371-2300 or schedule a free product demo.

How to Create Uber-like Interactions at Your Law Firm
By Daniel S. Jacobs, Law Ruler


growth1 300x218 How to Create Uber like Interactions at Your Law Firm

Potential Clients shop for a lawyer’s services within five minutes as they would an Uber ride, and if you are not there to provide on-demand interactions, then someone else will be. There are many instances when waiting several hours, or even a day or two for a lawyer to be reply to a potential client with on-demand interactions, will have a negative impact on the firm’s lead conversion.

To have an Uber-like interaction process in place in your firm, a lawyer or their intake/support staff must be available quickly so the potential client does not go elsewhere. Immediacy goes a long way in converting potential clients into paying clients. Quick connections to suitable lawyers are far more beneficial than a prolonged search for that perfect attorney.  It is for this exact reason that potential clients are contacting between 4 and 5 different law firms when they have a legal problem, and it is a critical issue that requires an automated intake solution, Law Ruler.

There are many competitors in the legal market who are not beating you in quality but rather in expediency and the perceived availability of the lawyer with a technology-centric approach.  An on-demand, automated intake process with human interaction, like the Uber driver gives you, provides the needed availability to make it more convenient for the client. Ease and affordability drives the millennial consumer and it is a formula that is winning in the business marketplace. The implementation of Law Ruler legal CRM software can take control over straightforward intake tasks affording ease of availability in your office, allowing paralegals and intake specialists to efficiently change the fortune of the firm and provide on-demand intake to callers and web-based leads.

These types of solutions can be implemented to the benefit of all concerned by connecting people and businesses with legal problems to easily accessible lawyers. The legal profession should not however, become out of touch with what the public need most: on-demand services at a fixed rate. That is not to say that services should be compromised. It is in no one’s interest for attorneys to become irrelevant leaving the legal profession to amateurs. Like the taxi driver, a lawyer provides a useful service but at the same time, like that same driver he is sabotaging himself through a delivery service that is becoming irrelevant. The Uber model has come up with a better way to be accessible to the public, and Law Ruler has made this type of delivery model available to law firms for automating their intake process. The legal profession should as well.

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