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failure success feature Top 5 Reasons Law Firms Need to Track Every Call in Lead and Referral


I.  To get qualified leads into your office.
More volume and greater accuracy can equate to more qualified clients walking through your doors. Law Ruler can help you score and prioritize your leads with its powerful process automation built around intuitive integrations so all of your law firm’s technology functions as one, and no calls go unanswered.

II. To improve your intake and increase ROI.
Intake is where the “pedal hits the medal”, or it doesn’t. Law firm personnel must master the intake process to ensure that every call is carefully executed and to ensure that pertinent client information is gathered from every single caller, every single time. Poor intake and tracking equals huge losses in revenue to the firm.  A good legal case intake software and law office CRM software like Law Ruler, will efficiently handle all of your incoming leads from phone calls – as well as TV, websites and email – and automatically turn them into leads in real-time, using powerful automation.

III. To track conversion rates and turn more leads into retained or paying clients.
Your legal marketing campaign is virtually useless if you are not effectively tracking your conversions. It’s like handing out cookies for a taste test and never checking to see if anyone actually ate them. What’s the point?  To be profitable, Law Firms MUST have a comprehensive legal case intake software   in place if they expect to double their lead to conversion rate.

IV. To make a positive impression on every caller, and build an emotional relationship with potential and retained clients.
Many callers seeking legal counsel are reaching out to you for help during a very stressful time. They are often eager to speak to someone who conveys concern and empathy and who can help them find answers to their many legal questions. When their calls goes unanswered, are dropped or are never followed up in a timely manner (or at all), the opportunity to foster a good client/attorney relationship is often lost.  Law Ruler’s legal CRM software has an automatic and highly personalized intake integration that will improve the customer experience and nurture all inbound and existing leads.

V.  Improve client retention.
Legal client management can make or break a law firm’s financials, but it is not designed for marketing automation, follow-ups, signing new clients, or increasing lead-to-client conversion rates. Every legal practice needs an innovative CRM system that will help them stay connected. We’re in the social media age now and no firm wants to receive a bad online review that goes viral, or have their reputation degraded publicly because of clerical or intake oversight.  Keeping up with the constant flow of inbound client information can overwhelm even the best office personnel. For this reason, successful law firms across the nation have turned to top-rated legal case intake software to improve their client-attorney relationships and retention rates.

Never miss an inbound call or web lead again, even if the call drops. Track every call and substantially increase your traffic and conversions with Law Ruler, the #1 legal case intake software and law office CRM.

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