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How to Effectively Increase Your Law Firm’s Client Intake

Developing effective intake processes at a law practice is a critical first step to increasing client numbers and law firm revenue. As the digital world further evolves into a digital/mobile world, law firms must compete to stay in the game. As potential clients search the internet from their home computers and mobile devices hoping to find the right legal match for their case, law firms must be ready to quickly vet, optimize, and track all incoming calls and web inquiries so as not to lose a lead.  

If your firm’s phones are ringing off the hook, website traffic is steady and leads are robust, you may feel confident that your firm is profiting.  However, that is not always the case. Today’s digital-age consumer has come to expect immediate response satisfaction and if your response rate is slow and impersonal, chances are your lead/conversion rate is not what it could be.

Thriving law offices recognize that the initial contact with a prospective client often determines the viability of a case. Law firm leadership must therefore ensure that the intake process and all stages of the client experience are managed effectively and in a way that personalizes the interaction and makes your firm stand out from the competition. The dedication will result in higher ROI from improved conversion rates for signed clients.

So how can your law firm streamline its lead intake process so it can take on more cases and increase revenue?  How can you integrate your website to capture all leads and cultivate maximum engagement? Did you know that text messaging of leads and Email Drip Campaigns can significantly increase your conversion rate?

Optimize your lead/intake/marketing effort with Law Ruler’s easy-to-use, plug-and-play legal software. Law Ruler, an emerging industry leader in legal software has created a preloaded toolbox with everything your law firm needs to increase its lead-to-client conversions from their existing marketing efforts, based on successful methods of leading plaintiff law firm experts.

Law Ruler legal software will work with your existing legal case management software or on its own and will keep your leads from falling through the cracks. Its integrated call centers/phone system and VOIP providers allows Caller ID to access corresponding client files on the screen and has Click-to-Call options, live chat , electronic signature automation, and many other advanced features that will significantly improve client engagement. 

Law Ruler’s Google TM Calendar, Microsoft TM Calendar, and widget implementation will take your firm to the next level and provide you with a cutting-edge record management system that eliminates repetitive data entry and manual errors and offers a customized dashboard plus an easy-to-use interface that your office staff will appreciate. To receive a FREE demo of Law Ruler’s intake and lead conversion suite, call 800-431-6779, or visit: