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Law Ruler partners with Best in Breed legal cloud hosting providers to offer compliance-ready cloud hosting. We know how law firms operate and we are committed to offering you the most secure, scalable legal cloud hosting experience.  Our data centers surpass HIPAA, PCI, ISO 27001, and other compliance standards.

 HIPAA compliant cloud hosting for law firms                ISO 27001 compliant legal cloud

Secure HIPAA Compliant Legal Cloud for Law Firms

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Cybersecurity and the practice of securing client information can be daunting for law firms.  Using the right provider will mitigate this potential issue.  We all live in the age of cyber warfare and you do not want your law firm to be a pawn in that game.  Law Ruler’s HIPAA compliant, cloud hosting partners are experts at securing your law firm with the most advanced security available. There is no comparison to our services and security.

Law Ruler leverages controls that are built into the DNA of our secure cloud platform that is HIPAA compliant throughout. We provide systems and methods to ensure any data contingency can be symptomatically addressed and Protected Health Information (PHI) remains secure and available.

Protected Health Information (PHI) – What is it?

Individually identifiable information that relates to someone’s past, present, or future medical information.  You may not be aware, but all of this data must be protected and is considered PHI.

Types of Information/Files that Need to be Protected:

Information that describes a medical or psychological condition, ex: description of body parts injured, disability, prescriptions, drugs taken, workers compensation, etc.
Provision of medical service, ex: medical providers, doctors, treatment, and other relevant information.
Payments for medical service, ex: charts, receipts, and other relevant information
Medical records, ex: plaintiff fact sheets, medical charts, medical record files, pathology, x-rays, etc


How We Can Help You

Not every Law Ruler subscription includes our HIPAA Compliant Data Hosting since it is per scope and client requirements.   Want to add this layer of protection and security to your firm?