Not Using Personal Injury Case Management Software is Willful Negligence

Personal injury law firms have different needs, from lead tracking to client trust management. As a personal injury attorney, you are often called to help your clients navigate the claims process during recovery. Personal injury case management software helps you track all their relevant documents and communications to get the best result, letting you focus on supporting your clients and building strong cases on their behalf. 

A hearty case management software provides all the tools needed for time tracking, document assembly for relevant case details, notes on the opposition, and any other case-related information. Although each cloud based legal software has its own strengths, many will fall short when it comes to the unique needs of personal injury attorneys. 

When your clients reach out to you for legal representation, they are in a difficult and vulnerable point in their lives, and they are relying on their attorney to do whatever it takes to get them back on the road to recovery. Your law firm needs to be able to track all medicals, negotiations, and documents as well as lead tracking and client trust management so you can focus your energy on fighting for your clients.

Regardless of the type of law at hand, communication and trust between the client and attorney is essential, especially when it comes to personal injury cases. Therefore, a comprehensive legal case management software for personal injury attorneys  should provide innovative tools to ensure great communication from both sides.

A good case management software for personal injury lawyers will allow an attorney to:

  1. Document generation and management, and enable viewing of all the documents in one place: Loading your law firm’s document templates into your  case management software for personal injury lawyers can save time and ensure consistency making basic document assembly suitable for form letters, invoices, etc.

  2. Access all medical documentation, insurance paperwork and more: With Law Ruler’s Medical Record Retrieval, you can order records nationally for injury cases. As a result, Law Ruler makes ordering medical records easy from inside its legal case management software with access to records or bills that you would like to receive. Additionally, you could specify all records and bills to be ordered for any case and have them automatically downloaded as searchable PDF files inside of your Law Ruler legal case management software system.

  3. Track Insurance Companies & Adjusters: Every personal injury case involves any number of insurance policies. Your firm needs to be able to add as many insurance records as you need for the plaintiff or defendant and track everything from coverage status, to policy limits and liability status.

  4. Efficiently manage workflow and tasks: It is critical for the reputation of your firm to make sure that every case is properly handled and goes off without a hitch in the modern world of online reviews.  You cannot afford to have the ball dropped on any case.

  5.  Integrate with devices: Integrating Microsoft Office, Accounting Packages, Medical Records Retrieval, and Court Calendaring and smart devices is pivotable. Your attorneys and staff need to be able to access files wherever they are.

Personal injury law firms have distinct needs. Although many legal software systems can check certain boxes, attorneys still face the challenge of tracking data unique to personal injury claims. Law Ruler personal injury case management software was intentionally designed to meet these challenges. 

From virtual files to linked cases to tracking demands and offers, Law Ruler will help your personal injury firm reach its fullest potential. Law Ruler’s case management software seamlessly integrates with over 1,500+ Vendor Integrations spanning the entire legal industry and will never let a case slip through the cracks again. For more information on Law Ruler case management software for personal injury attorneys, schedule a consultative demo call to see if we are the right fit to grow your law firm. We look forward to hearing from you! CALL US ANYTIME: (866) 603-5233.

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