Medical Records Retrieval for Lawyers

The Easy Button for Medical Records

Order the records/bills that your firm needs from anywhere. And, have the records automatically download as searchable PDFs into your Law Ruler legal practice management software system

  • Order Medical Records directly from inside Law Ruler
  • Get notified when the records arrive in PDF

It is all about speed.

Our partners use a 3-touch point follow up approach with a live call center agent and electronic follows up weekly. This ensures that your firm will get the very best in turnaround time for your medical record retrieval orders from inside of your Law Ruler legal practice management software system

  • More efficiency with leading technologies - Faster turnaround time, better outcomes
Medical Records Retrieval for Lawyers

How We Can Help You

Law Ruler’s Medical Records Retrieval service features partnerships with industry experts. As a result, we provide you and your staff with the very best response time. And, we offer a linear process to sign cases, acquire medical records, and be ready for settlement!

All-in-One solution

Manage Your Firm From Intake to Settlement

Redefining Legal Practice Management and Intake Software. Stop doing double data entry. And, start winning with one system to do it all! Thus, to have a winning approach, you want to combine Law Ruler's legal case management software with our legal CRM features to have a competitive advantage. Previously, law firms had to purchase separate case management and legal CRM systems. Now, with Law Ruler, you can do it all in one solution. And your firm will be ready to grow with a data-driven approach and the very best in reporting.

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