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Law Ruler allows you to Transform your Law Firm and Automate your Intake. Client interactions go Viral.

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Law Ruler is a cloud-based legal case intake and CRM system that will help your firm connect your referrals and leads from incoming phone calls, websites, social media, and more. By automating data entry, you are exponentially increasing your staff’s capabilities and allowing your firm to instantly engage new and existing clients.

If you combine Law Ruler and Clio, then you get the Ultimate law firm automation from A to Z to handle everything from marketing to lead to signed case to settlement.

Popular Law Ruler legal case intake automation features:

  • “Set and Forget” Legal CRM with SMS Text, Email, and Phone Call marketing automation
  • Track Referrals to yield more fee-only referral and participation revenue
  • Integrates around your existing Clio practice management, SEO, and other marketing efforts
  • Full 1-way sync with all Clio Custom Fields to allow intake data collection from Law Ruler
  • 1-Click integration to Create a Contact/Matter in Clio with all Attached Documents/Audit Trail/Notes and information collected in Law Ruler


Connecting Law Ruler to Clio
Using Law Ruler with Clio

Connecting Law Ruler to Clio

Law Ruler has prepared a video walkthrough of the steps for connecting your Law Ruler account to Clio.
In Law Ruler, click on the gear icon at the right.

connect1 Law Ruler Legal CRM and Clio Practice Management

Under the “Pair with Clio” heading, click the “Pair with Clio” button.

connect2 Law Ruler Legal CRM and Clio Practice Management

When prompted, click on the green “Yes, Let’s Connect” button.
* If you are not already logged in to your Clio account, you will be prompted to log in before you can authorize the connection.

Using Law Ruler with Clio

Exporting a Law Ruler Lead as a Contact and Matter in Clio

In Law Ruler, click “Add a New Lead” on the blue menu bar, click on one of your existing leads.
If adding a new lead, complete the information fields as required before exporting to Clio.
When you are ready to export the lead to Clio, click on the “Export to Clio” button.

using1 Law Ruler Legal CRM and Clio Practice Management

This will open the “Export to Clio Matter” window. Complete the fields provided and click “Export Matter”.

using2 Law Ruler Legal CRM and Clio Practice Management

Once you have exported your lead to Clio, the status of the lead will automatically update to “Converted to Case-Approved”.
For more information about working with Law Ruler’s integration with Clio, see the tutorial videos on YouTube.

Please call us at 1-800-431-6779 to learn more about Law Ruler legal CRM.

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