How to Market Your Law Firm in 2020 with Legal Case Management Software

The legal CRM system from Law Ruler has exceptional built-in functionalities that monitor and maintain classified lists of clients, important leads, prospects as well as many other essential pieces of information. It will capture primary information such as addresses, contact numbers, emails, and any conversations between the two, adding substantial information as necessary. In other words, Law Ruler offers an all-in-one solution that is easy-to-use, giving you the tools necessary to combine phone, SMS Text and email marketing automation, online intake forms, and unlimited e-signatures. Once you start using Law Ruler you will see that leads and potential clients will stop slipping through the cracks.

You are probably like many law firm managers are and wondering you were not taught how to run a law firm and do marketing in law school.  It takes an amazingly large amount of time and effort to get your phones to ring, to get leads from your website and social media pages. Potential client expectations in 2020 have evolved as more people are using mobile devices and are able to call your office at any time, not just during your business hours expecting immediate service. That same smart phone gives them lists of attorneys enabling them to call many law firms in minutes Did you know that the average person calls upwards of five law firms when they have a legal issue?

Law Ruler Legal Case Management Software is tailored to accommodate the specific way legal and professional services firms build their businesses. Your firm has worked hard to build a client base and corresponding contact list. As you continue to grow, managing those contacts becomes increasingly difficult. Why?

  • people move or change jobs
  • firms and companies grow, making relationships more complex
  • as you work to protect relationships information about your clients may become more sensitive

          The phones may continue to ring in your office, but this does not necessarily translate to success. If you are not immediately getting the callers the help they need, you could be losing a lot of prospective leads. How do you service everyone all at once and maintain quality?   You must provide “Uber-like” service while providing the equivalent of 1-Click service. In order to provide this 1-Click service you must embrace lead conversion and legal case intake CRM software. Many of the legal case intake software programs on the market have only one or two out of several required components requiring costly integrations with outside providers to deliver anything close to Über-like engagement.  Law Ruler has software that combine and resolve all your needs. For example:

Better Return on your Investment of Time and Money
If you are not tracking legal intakes, you are losing clients and the opportunity to improve your legal firm’s revenue. All calls and web leads need to be tracked to assure that they are being attended to professionally and that each caller gets a timely follow-up be it via text messages, e-mails or phone calls.  A delay in response to a new client inquiry means you will be handing over that client to your competition. It’s important to be able to communicate with new and existing clients as quickly as possible in a medium that suits them best? Older clients may prefer a phone call and younger clients may prefer a text message. The best marketing campaigns should always be evaluated regularly. Your lead conversion software CRM can tailor your approach and maximize your rate of conversion. It will help you determine the success of your strategy and prompt changes when needed. Proper analytics is the difference between success and failure. Can you tell with one glance which cases have fallen by the wayside? Not without good CRM analytics implementation. The larger a docket gets, the more difficult it becomes to analyze each case. That’s where Law Ruler comes in.  Its reporting and analytics features are your new best friend.  Aside from helping you see which cases are stuck in the middle, the reporting and analytics tools can be used to fuel growth.  Therefore, if you are using Law Ruler marketing and advertising return on investment (ROI) reports, you will see clearly which advertisers are performing the best. Remember, success needs to be repeatable to drive value to your firm and a good legal CRM can make that happen.

Better Customer Relations  

What are the benefits of using a legal CRM at your firm?  To begin with, you can engage with current and potential clients faster, close more deals and provide better service. If that is not the push you need, how about getting more clients at the end of the day?  There are still established law firms out there using dated legal case management software systems.  Those older systems were designed before the advent of legal CRM software and do not have what you need to pull ahead win.

Conversion Evaluation

Cutting-edge and easy-to-use, Law Ruler is a legal case management software suite that will nurture and personalize your client relationships. Law Ruler has ready-to-use DocuSign integration to increase lead to client conversion from minutes to seconds. New client records are automatically created for the new caller, and he or she can be sent a personalized welcome email or text message with an intake form ready for them to complete. Once completed, an agreement can be sent to the caller with 1-click text e-sign, allowing the new clients to be signed up immediately. Contacts and matters are then managed within the Law Ruler software all the way to settlement.   In addition to these features, a good legal CRM should also provide contact management and sync with your calendar and email.  It should also allow for tagging of each intake or case making them easy to find later.  Lastly, a good legal CRM should be mobile device friendly.  An experienced lawyer should be able to get to data from anywhere, at any time.  Law Ruler has included all these features into its legal CRM and legal case management software.

The bottom line is that your legal office needs the best Legal Case Management Software and Legal CRM in one system to help insure that your firm is running at optimal performance, and that your marketing ideas are proving worthy. Your staff should not have to waste valuable time with double data entry, misfiled or lost information and scattered and sloppy intake processes. Combine Law Ruler’s legal case management software with legal CRM features to gain a competitive advantage. In the past, law firms had to purchase separate case management and legal CRM systems. Now, with Law Ruler, it can be done with its comprehensive all-in-one solution. With Legal CRM and Legal Case management Software your firm will be ready to reach its potential. Call 1(866)609-5105 to speak to the team at Law Ruler, or click here to begin your free trial.

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