Grow Your Firm in 2020 with the Best Legal Case Management Software on the Market

A good legal case management system is a software platform that cuts your visits to the file cabinet by tracking client information right on your computer, tablet or smartphone, and then uses that information to help you grow your legal practice. The focus of any good legal case management system is a shared database of client information. When detailed case information is stored in an easy-to access-location, your entire staff will become more efficient and productive. Along with the usual biographical information (names, addresses, phone numbers), Law Ruler, a leader in legal practice management software, uses the most advanced and secure Microsoft Azure cloud-based technology, which is the best platform for growing law firms. Launched in 2015, Law Ruler has constantly evolved to remain an industry leader of innovative legal technology.

By implementing a legal CRM case management system, your firm’s documents and case data can be wholly integrated into a single system giving you several significant advantages over doing things manually. The first is shared access – hard copies are no longer sitting on someone’s desk or caught in the printer. Now, with a legal case management software platform specifically engineered for growing firms, the problem of, “who has the file?” is eliminated. All the people involved are now on a shared network with access to the same information at the same time, and information is that is consistently updated to all relevant employees. But it wasn’t always this easy.

In the early 1950’s dictation machines began to be marketed to law firms. A lawyer would record information on the machine even if his assistant was out of the office and then he or she could have the assistant transcribe the information later. This method was once considered the gold standard of time-saving and was deemed useful for recording case information. Unfortunately, these machines, still in their infancy, were expensive, unwieldy, and often broke down. But today, any lawyer with a smartphone can quickly and easily dictate comprehensive information and send it to be transcribed with a high accuracy rate.

It took another twenty years, but in 1970s Lexis and word processing computers arrived in most offices. Before this, lawyers spent many hours researching case law in law books. The ability to research cases on a computer changed everything when in 1973, Lexis created the “UBIQ” terminal letting lawyers search case law online significantly reducing the amount of time needed to spend researching and allowing them to spend more time with their clients. This is also around the time that personal computers began to appear and by 1979, many organizations had basic word processing machines making it easier and faster to create documents.

Once the fax machine made its debut in workplaces several years later, creating a document and sending it to a client went from days to minutes. However, your client had to have his own fax machine, a problem many firms experienced. Around this time the first digital case management systems began to emerge. Unfortunately, most law firms were still using DOS instead of Windows. The great migration from DOS to Windows didn’t happen on a mass scale until the 1990s — and they were still years away from law practice management software.

In 2020, the essential component that sets today’s legal case management systems apart from its predecessors is how streamlined and connected they have become, and how seamlessly they are  able to link all activity to its related matters. For example:

Text and Email. Law Ruler software gives you the ability to track texts and emails. Law Ruler is one of  the first platforms that combined legal CRM with case management. It gives your firm a complete audit trail of all texting and email marketing that is sent to clients. Every email and every text message sent to and from the system is recorded making it easier to service clients and collaborate with transparency letting every staff member see every part of client interaction.

Click to Call Dialer and Call Center. The dialer is built right into Law Ruler. Law Ruler automatically records all outbound and inbound calls where permitted by law, and automatically saves date and time stamps to each call. Calls can be automated for all follow ups. And it can also be used for auto-dialing any web and live chat leads. In order to win in such a competitive market requires automatically texting and dialing each lead as it arrives.

Document Management. Any document can be turned into a reusable document template. Using Law Ruler document templates  and automation is really very easy. Long gone are the days when you would have to copy and paste text from one document to another. Today’s legal  case management software  lets  law firms  create document templates by  taking one document from Microsoft Word, signing into Law Ruler and going into the Document Templates and Automation screen.  Next, locate a mail merge code for each field that you want to add to the document. Paste the Law Ruler mail merge codes into your document, save it in Law Ruler, and there is your document template!

Workflow Management. With Law Ruler software you can now control and monitor the status of each process while keeping your staff focused. It is critical for the reputation of your firm  that every case is handled properly.  The more cases that a firm has, the harder it is to keep everything organized and on track.  It can be done efficiently and flawlessly however by implementing Law Ruler’s workflow management features making it easier for your team to focus on what is critical, collaborate, and get more work done.

Reporting and Analytics. Law Ruler has reporting tools that will give you the ability to obtain actionable insights about how to grow your practice while learning the demographic of your clients and which marketing and referral sources will drive the most revenue to your firm. With legal case management software from Law Ruler, you can run reports on client milestones and measure productivity tasks. You can see which of the marketing campaigns you ran were good investments too, resulting in seeing just who needs to stay and continue generating income, and who should be honing their resume. Marketing a law practice is like caring for an orchard.  Branches not giving you fruit need to be trimmed off and those that are producing need care and encouragement. By having Law Ruler software help you stay on top of the day to day activity, your orchard will produce beyond your expectations.

Law Ruler is a worthwhile investment for the ever-changing legal landscape. Let  Law Ruler be your firm’s growth partner in 2020. With superior support and customer service, Law Ruler, the best platform for growing firms, is always just a phone call, click or email away.  

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