Seamless Billing for All Firm Types

Deliver invoices across devices

After your invoices are created, you want to deliver them in a way that your clients want them. With Law Ruler, you will be able to share invoices via text messaging, email, or traditionally on paper. Even better, our invoices are smart enough to know when a client views an invoice.

  • Text message invoices
  • Email invoices
  • Download a PDF digital copy or print a hardcopy

Flexible enough to handle every type of billing

Whether your firm is a full-service firm spanning across all billing types or a boutique firm that focuses on one type of law, Law Ruler does it all.

  • Contingency billing, settlement tracking, expenses, client medical bills, and fee splits
  • Flat fee billing
  • Hourly billing with timers and many different rounding options
Seamless Billing for All Firm Types

Flexible and easy

All-in-One solution

Manage Your Firm From Intake to Settlement

Redefining Legal Practice Management and Intake Software. Stop doing double data entry. And, start winning with one system to do it all! Thus, to have a winning approach, you want to combine Law Ruler's legal case management software with our legal CRM features to have a competitive advantage. Previously, law firms had to purchase separate case management, billing, and legal CRM systems. Now, with Law Ruler, you can do it all! And your firm will be ready to grow with a data-driven approach and the very best in reporting. Get Started

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