Client Intake Software

Leave the spreadsheets behind! With Law Ruler, you can bring in the right clients for your firm without sacrificing productivity or client relationships.

Say goodbye to inefficient, time-consuming intake processes

The client intake process is essential to grow your law firm. It ensures that leads are a good fit for your practice and that you can quickly get to work.

But intake can also be a source of frustration for legal staff and clients when you rely on manual tasks and workflows.

Enter automated client intake.

Build client trust and get back billable hours.

Turn leads into happy clients—and spend more time on high-value tasks—with automated lawyer intake software specifically tailored to support all areas of legal services:

A full suite of intuitive intake features allows you to create a more convenient, client-focused experience. Save time for everyone with thorough pre-screening and onboarding processes that require less time and attention from your busy law practice.

Stand out from your competition with efficient, personalized processes

The legal marketplace is crowded. Your legal leads have lots of options. If your firm makes them jump through hoops, they may look to your competitors for law services.

Client intake software helps you secure new clients for your law firm at higher conversion rates while increasing operational efficiency, eliminating redundancies, and delivering personalized client service. (And the less time you spend on tedious repetitive tasks, the more you spend on client care.)

Find out in seconds if a lead is qualified

Save time by determining whether your law firm is a good fit for a potential client in just minutes. Our innovative form builder makes it easy to build custom forms that are tailored to each practice area at your firm.

Gather the right information for every legal matter, every time, with customizable field options. Our intelligent forms adapt to each lead’s answers to present them with only the questions relevant to their legal needs.

We know the power of first impressions, so we also made it simple to develop intuitive, mobile-friendly client intake forms that let your firm’s branding shine for a client-focused experience!

Lead Management
Lead Management

Lead Management

Law Ruler’s automated legal client intake software is a game-changer for lead generation strategies in your law firm. With a crowded legal marketplace, it’s crucial to efficiently handle potential clients from the moment they express interest.

Our software is a management tool that streamlines leads by providing a quick and thorough pre-screening process. It ensures that your legal team invests time in high-quality leads that are an ideal fit for your practice areas. Customizable forms adapted to each practice area allow you to gather the right information, making the qualification process a breeze. The result? You can identify qualified leads in seconds, allowing your firm to stay ahead in the competitive legal landscape.

For example, imagine your law firm specializes in personal injury law. A potential client submits an inquiry through your website for a case. With manual processes, it would take considerable time to assess the lead’s suitability. However, with our automated client intake software, the lead management process becomes swift and precise. The software’s pre-screening capabilities quickly analyze the lead’s information, ensuring that your legal team focuses on pursuing cases that are aligned with your expertise.

Stop the data entry marathon with powerful tools

Our intake form software automatically handles tedious form processing, eliminating double entry and allowing your team to focus on other priorities.

Intelligent and custom intake forms securely collect new clients’ names, addresses, matter details, and other sensitive information. These contact management details are directly imported to your customer relationship management (CRM) and other practice management software.

As a result, the likelihood of data input errors plummets, and your firm saves countless hours—and money—by eliminating manual administrative tasks.

Pipeline Inbox for Leads & Intake
Pipeline Inbox for Leads & Intake

Pipeline Inbox for Leads & Intake

Our new Pipeline Inbox feature works easily to turn leads into clients through specific steps. If you use your legal CRM as a CMS, a visual representation of your leads and cases enables you to manage your workflow more efficiently.

A lead pipeline is a systematic approach that outlines the stages a potential legal lead goes through from initial awareness of a product or service to becoming a paying client.

Your practice’s success hinges on managing leads into clients effectively through the entire process. Our automated client intake software is designed to turn potential clients into satisfied ones seamlessly.

By eliminating manual tasks and ensuring personalized attention, the software accelerates the lead-to-client conversion process. The customizable field options and intelligent forms adapt to each lead’s responses, creating a tailored experience that sets your firm apart. Say goodbye to time-consuming processes and costly errors. Instead, welcome an organized lead pipeline that maximizes operational efficiency and builds a positive reputation for your legal firm.

The intake pipeline specifically involves the steps taken from the initial point of contact with a potential client to the point where they are formally accepted and the legal representation or services begin.

Let’s say that your law firm specializes in immigration law, where prompt document processing is crucial. A potential client is ready to proceed, but delays in signing retainer agreements could hinder progress.

Enter our legal client intake software. With integrated document automation tools, the intake pipeline becomes a fast-track process. Custom document templates and an online editor expedite the personalized document creation process. The software also allows you to request electronic signatures instantly and securely via email or text. In this scenario, the software eliminates the need to chase down clients for signatures, ensuring that your firm can swiftly continue with immigration cases and provide superior client experience.

Get organized fast—and stay organized—with automated document assembly

Make document assembly a breeze with our custom document templates and online editor. Document automation streamlines the intake process by importing client demographics into polished, adjustable legal templates.

What used to take your firm hours will now take just minutes. Your intake documents won’t look like it, though! Every file assembled with our document automation features is personalized, professional, and modern.

Additionally, task management with document automation allows attorneys more valuable time to build loyal client relationships by providing personalized attention throughout the rest of the client intake process.

Sign contracts and get to work

Putting legal documents, retainer agreements, or fee agreements on hold while you wait for a signature is a serious disruption to any attorney’s workflow.

With the click of a button, say goodbye to hunting down clients for signatures on important legal documents. Instead, request client eSignatures instantly and securely via email or text message.

This method of collecting electronic signatures accelerates your client intake process while improving the client experience.

Boost your productivity and profitability with better client intake

Whether your legal practice is large or small, our goal is to simplify your operations and help your firm grow by creating efficient workflows that support happier, satisfied clients, more productive legal teams, and more profitable businesses.

With built-in tools like automated appointment scheduling by email and text messages, it has never been easier to solidify and grow relationships with your clients.

CRM for Law Firms

Are you ready to transform your law firm?

Client Intake Software FAQs

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How does Law Ruler reduce paper and manual processes to help law firms sign more clients?

By implementing a logic-based, automated pre-screening process that improves the client journey and streamlines processes at your law practice!

The intuitive client intake form builder allows you to add custom fields for each practice area your firm offers.

Our Smart Forms feature lets you implement decision trees, dynamically hiding or showing form fields based on previous responses. During the initial consultation, the information provided during setup allows attorneys to zero in on the questions most relevant to potential clients’ legal needs.

This process prevents your law office from having to sort through a slew of unnecessary details or hunt down answers to skipped questions from the initial consultation. When you implement Law Ruler’s legal intake software, it automatically assigns tasks, decides which respondents your team should follow up with, and sends a polite message declining law services when applicable.

Why use online intake forms?

Aside from saving on costs, paper, and time, the online form builder streamlines the client intake process so that attorneys can reduce manual data entry and focus on the most critical tasks. The logic-based systems have everything needed to figure out if a potential client is a good fit, so any staff member can handle an intake with confidence, saving time and costs. Legal intake forms are the first step to a positive attorney-client relationship.

Online intake also improves convenience for prospective clients who are trying to decide which law firm might be the right fit for their legal needs. Rather than come into the office to fill out a paper form, potential clients can tap a few buttons on their phone for an instant answer.

What’s more, these forms allow your firm to collect valuable contact details from potential leads, which can be used in tandem with targeted email or text message marketing to help guide the customer journey in accordance with your sales funnel. Whether you need client intake software for family law or immigration, adopting a new client intake form can launch your firm to the next level.

Can I share the online forms?

Yes. For your convenience, online forms are easy to share with attorneys or potential clients. Law Ruler’s forms can be shared via client portal, email, or SMS text message with the click of a button, reducing paper use, improving the efficiency of your intake process, and increasing sign-ups.

We believe that attorneys at your law firm should spend more time practicing law and less time struggling with inefficient legal software. For this reason, the personal data collected is automatically and securely imported into your favorite integrated legal software systems. Watch as the accuracy of your client records improves alongside your billable hours.

Is the intake process mobile-friendly?

For your firm to make the best possible impression, your client intake process must be designed with accessibility and convenience in mind.

Most modern clients aren’t searching for law firm websites from their desktop computers. Instead, they’re using their phones to multitask on the go. Prospective clients might well be browsing online for legal services during their daily bus commute, while waiting in line at the grocery store, or even in bed as they end their day.

As a client-focused experience, our legal client intake forms are mobile-friendly and look great on desktops, laptops, tablets, and other mobile devices, so you can meet the client wherever it’s most convenient for them and help them make informed decisions regarding their legal counsel.

Will Law Ruler’s client intake software integrate with my other software?

Yes. Our goal is to streamline your intake process, no matter what additional tools you use. Our client intake software integrates with the legal industry solutions and software for law firms, including:

  • TimeSolv
  • CosmoLex
  • Rocket Matter
  • HelloSign
  • Smith.AI
  • ApexChat
  • Gmail
  • Zapier
  • Twilio
  • Microsoft 365
  • Clixsy
  • Mail Gun
  • Callrail
  • Scorpion Internet Marketing
  • Engage
  • Mass Tort Nexus
  • Lead Rival
  • MTVA
  • XSocial Media
  • Conversion
  • Case Legal Media
  • Intake Desk
  • Thomson Reuters
  • Alert Communications
  • TSG
  • Trivent Legal
  • Nolo
  • American Law Firm Capital
  • Ngage
  • National Record Retrieval
  • Case Acquisition Experts
  • LS5

Like you, we’re always looking to improve the service we provide. If your team uses a tool that doesn’t currently integrate with our attorney intake software, contact our support team to request software options.

Is client intake software for law firms really better than a spreadsheet?

Absolutely. Compared to a basic client intake spreadsheet, law firms get much more success, productivity, and ease of use from client intake software during the onboarding process.

Cloud-based client intake software reduces manual data entry and automates as many redundant client intake tasks as possible, allowing attorneys to focus on billable work.

The best client intake software for law firms offers smart forms, marketing automation, legal CRM, and detailed tracking and reporting features. Armed with the correct information, you can assign tasks, schedule consultations, perform conflict checks, execute document automation, receive electronic signatures, or confidently adjust your intake process.

With the support of client intake software, attorneys are free to engage in high-value work with a client’s case matters instead of typing out each new client’s name, address, and payment information three times over.

And with a more client-focused experience and efficient intake strategy, you may find yourself securing more sign-ups for legal services in less time! Whether you need mass tort law firm software or small immigration law firm software options, we’ve got you covered.

Is Law Ruler secure?

The American Bar Association and your local bar association set strict guidelines in the legal industry to protect clients’ personal information, and attorneys have an obligation to prevent client information from falling into the wrong hands. A law firm’s failure to take sufficient data security measures to protect legal clients can lead to far-reaching consequences, including fines and disbarment.

Because Law Ruler is specifically designed for legal practices, our client relationship management software for law firms has been developed with security as a priority. We leverage a variety of state-of-the-art security measures and file-sharing tools to guarantee that your client information, client privacy, and case details remain protected at all times.

What happens when the client intake form qualifies a lead?

You can adjust the attorney intake software and CRM marketing automation to fit your firm’s preferred client intake process and streamline your marketing efforts.

Here’s just a few examples of possible workflows to automate intake:

  • A potential client’s contact details and key information are imported into your CRM.
  • Prospective clients are sent an automated text message inviting them to schedule a consultation to review their case details, and they do so online with just a few clicks.
  • The CRM notifies your office that added follow-up is required, either by phone or in person.
  • The potential client can be added to a drip email marketing campaign to receive blogs, guides, white papers, and reminders that are relevant to their legal matter to keep your firm and its services top-of-mind.

These processes can be adapted to suit your firm’s needs and preferences to automate client intake and streamline document management.

How can I learn to use client intake features more productively?

At Law Ruler, we’re passionate about propelling your law firm to greater success with functional and powerful client intake features that are simple to use. That’s why we offer numerous online resources to help you get the most out of your software and streamline your entire intake process to reduce costs from manual administrative work.

We work with law firms of all sizes and in all areas of the law. Whether you need large estate planning software or solo personal injury lawyer software options, you can benefit from optimized law firm client intake procedures and improve the client experience.

When you first begin to explore the marketing automation suite, we’ll schedule a guided one-on-one demo where you’ll discover first-hand how each distinct feature works to build the best client intake practices, such as document management. At this time, a product expert will be available to provide real-time answers to your questions.

Law Ruler’s Resource Library and online Knowledge Base also offer a wide variety of helpful guides, videos, and webinars for law firms. Use the search feature to find the best content for your needs. When law firms require more specific guidance, we’re here to help! Submit a request to our support team online anytime.

What Clients are Saying About Law Ruler

We are two months into our “Law Ruler Revolution” and my firm is transforming before my eyes. The immediate impact is higher lead capture through automation.

Adam Smallow

Managing Partner of the Law Offices of Adam M. Smallow

I come out looking like a rock star, so I love Law Ruler…What we liked so much about Law Ruler was it eliminated a lot of data entry errors and user errors. It really streamlined the time for the intake and offers marketing, and retention of clients. All of these things are in one place. It is your one-stop-shop for all of the things that we previously did on 10 different forums.
Samantha Stone

Supervising Paralegal, Hansen & Rosasco, LLP

Law Ruler has been instrumental in capturing ALL Leads and helping us drill down on which marketing efforts REALLY work!

Jennifer Gore-Cuthbert

Founder/Owner, Atlanta Personal Injury Law Group - Gore LLC

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