Why Top Law Offices Rely on Legal Case Management Software to Grow their Firms

Most up and coming attorneys understand the practice of law to be just that: the execution of fundamental legal work within the confines of a large law firm with a staff that handles all business and case management issues. As it turns out, a considerable number of attorneys will end up practicing in solo or […]

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Grow Your Firm in 2020 with the Best Legal Case Management Software on the Market

A good legal case management system is a software platform that cuts your visits to the file cabinet by tracking client information right on your computer, tablet or smartphone, and then uses that information to help you grow your legal practice. The focus of any good legal case management system is a shared database of […]

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Video conferencing in the age of COVID-19

The national coronavirus pandemic, and the unprecedented conditions of Stay Safe, Stay Home orders to protect public health, means that law firms are facing an ever-increasing number of uncertainties in managing their operations, payroll, staff, and finances. During this crisis, lawyers should remain mindful of their professional duties to the courts, clients, and non-clients. Nearly […]

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Order in the court! The Case of Virtual Courtrooms vs COVID-19

As the COVID-19 crisis continues to push the country toward a lot of uncertainty, many legal cases are left in its wake. The courts are tasked with processing the most urgent matters first, while many other cases deemed less essential are waiting in the wings or moving ahead cautiously. This slowdown in activity in the […]

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This is How Automation Will Fundamentally Streamline Your Law Firm with Law Ruler and Needles Case Management

Automation is changing our world and can change how you conduct business in your legal practice.  With the influx of potential clients reaching out via mobile phones and websites, the ability to make an impression from the initial connection is critical in securing new clients or referrals.  It is imperative that potential clients are greeted […]

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