Why Every Law Firm Should Be Using E-signature

          As the world moves closer toward going paperless, it’s inevitable that your clients who  need to sign retainer agreements,  contracts, and settlement agreements are finding it  difficult to make the  time to print out a document, sign it, scan it, attach it to an email, and then send it back, causing serious delays […]

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How Top Law Firms Are Navigating COVID-19

For many lawyers, navigating the world during the pandemic has been an adventure in remote working. While there are some functions that require hands-on staff, for the most part, law firms can function smoothly with practically an entire remote office. What Covid-19 has illustrated for many firms is that remote work is indeed attainable,  and […]

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Video conferencing in the age of COVID-19

The national coronavirus pandemic, and the unprecedented conditions of Stay Safe, Stay Home orders to protect public health, means that law firms are facing an ever-increasing number of uncertainties in managing their operations, payroll, staff, and finances. During this crisis, lawyers should remain mindful of their professional duties to the courts, clients, and non-clients. Nearly […]

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