Is your law firm up to speed when it comes to legal practice management technology?

For quite some time now it has been apparent that technology is crucial to the modern practice of law — but now, the application of legal technology directly and formally involves the more general question of a lawyer’s competence. Lawyers now must be thinking about upgrading their technology platforms to keep pace with the evolving […]

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Not Using Personal Injury Case Management Software is Willful Negligence

Personal injury law firms have different needs, from lead tracking to client trust management. As a personal injury attorney, you are often called to help your clients navigate the claims process during recovery. Personal injury case management software helps you track all their relevant documents and communications to get the best result, letting you focus […]

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Why Every Law Firm Should Be Using E-signature

          As the world moves closer toward going paperless, it’s inevitable that your clients who  need to sign retainer agreements,  contracts, and settlement agreements are finding it  difficult to make the  time to print out a document, sign it, scan it, attach it to an email, and then send it back, causing serious delays […]

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How Top Law Firms Are Navigating COVID-19

For many lawyers, navigating the world during the pandemic has been an adventure in remote working. While there are some functions that require hands-on staff, for the most part, law firms can function smoothly with practically an entire remote office. What Covid-19 has illustrated for many firms is that remote work is indeed attainable,  and […]

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Boosting Your Firm’s Economic Resilience with Legal Case Management Software

Even though the world as we know it is changing daily due to the global pandemic, and some legal services have not been available lately, you can still choose to act confidently and position your law firm to be of service when needed. Boosting your firm’s economic resilience with legal Case management software is easy. […]

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