Reach more legal clients with multimedia messaging including videos and photos

Today’s digital environment calls for engaging multimedia content sources. Often, many law firms fall into the trap of believing that their reputation and skill set alone is enough to keep a steady stream of clients coming through their doors. While there is no substitute for a good public image and reputation, in many cases a […]

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3 Reasons Lawyers are Using Video Marketing to Attract More Legal Clients

Video has been dominating social media for quite some time now, and its marketing strategy is out of this world. In 2020 so far, 1 billion hours of YouTube video content have been watched daily. While traditional marketing approaches such as direct mail, print, and word of mouth referrals might still be working for your […]

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How Top Law Firms Are Navigating COVID-19

For many lawyers, navigating the world during the pandemic has been an adventure in remote working. While there are some functions that require hands-on staff, for the most part, law firms can function smoothly with practically an entire remote office. What Covid-19 has illustrated for many firms is that remote work is indeed attainable,  and […]

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