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Today’s Legal Clients Want Text E-sign
By Daniel S. Jacobs, Law Ruler

2017 02 21 1851 text esign 300x167 Today’s Legal Clients Want Text E signThe pen was invented in 1827.  Your competitors are *not* using a pen to sign new clients.  Why are you?
Law Ruler now features text e-sign so you can take that competitive edge in your legal case intake process and sign more new clients.  E-sign is mightier than the pen…

As the fastest way to connect with customers, SMS text messages are perfect for delivering time sensitive information, such as retainers and authorizations. Texting through mobile devices is fast replacing email and phone calls to the current generation of prospective clients as the preferred mode of communication.

A law firm’s communication with clients is the axis of the attorney-client relationship. SMS text messages are read 98% of the time by today’s tech-savvy clientele.  Text messaging is a discrete and immediate messaging choice in situations where an urgent message must be quickly received, or acted upon, for example: e-signing retainers.

The value added to the law firm is palpable. Clients are kept up to date, and the firm does not spend valuable time or resources on routine queries, and wondering if their message was read.

  • Create retainers with client data filled out, in seconds
  • Get client signatures while you have them on the phone
  • Sign more clients than ever before
  • Try Law Ruler text e-sign today!
  • Compatible with most major practice management

Law Ruler’s automated SMS Text Messaging Market Automation will send, receive, and let your firm reply to texts saving significant time in following up with ongoing client interactions. By picking a local or toll-free number, over thirty turnkey text campaigns are turned on in your area. The award-winning follow-ups, E-signs and appointment reminders will deliver content to your law firm’s clients where they will see it right away. By determining whether you are getting the value for your money as a firm, your messages need to reach the client via a medium and the convenience that they want. Law Ruler adds the UBER EFFECT to your law firm’s outreach program. Because potential clients want to be reached now, when you include texting in your arsenal of communication, the client – 80% of whom are reaching out via their smart phone, will stop searching for firms and choose yours because of convenience – a priority in the world today.

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How to Create Uber-like Interactions at Your Law Firm
By Daniel S. Jacobs, Law Ruler


growth1 300x218 How to Create Uber like Interactions at Your Law Firm

Potential Clients shop for a lawyer’s services within five minutes as they would an Uber ride, and if you are not there to provide on-demand interactions, then someone else will be. There are many instances when waiting several hours, or even a day or two for a lawyer to be reply to a potential client with on-demand interactions, will have a negative impact on the firm’s lead conversion.

To have an Uber-like interaction process in place in your firm, a lawyer or their intake/support staff must be available quickly so the potential client does not go elsewhere. Immediacy goes a long way in converting potential clients into paying clients. Quick connections to suitable lawyers are far more beneficial than a prolonged search for that perfect attorney.  It is for this exact reason that potential clients are contacting between 4 and 5 different law firms when they have a legal problem, and it is a critical issue that requires an automated intake solution, Law Ruler.

There are many competitors in the legal market who are not beating you in quality but rather in expediency and the perceived availability of the lawyer with a technology-centric approach.  An on-demand, automated intake process with human interaction, like the Uber driver gives you, provides the needed availability to make it more convenient for the client. Ease and affordability drives the millennial consumer and it is a formula that is winning in the business marketplace. The implementation of Law Ruler legal CRM software can take control over straightforward intake tasks affording ease of availability in your office, allowing paralegals and intake specialists to efficiently change the fortune of the firm and provide on-demand intake to callers and web-based leads.

These types of solutions can be implemented to the benefit of all concerned by connecting people and businesses with legal problems to easily accessible lawyers. The legal profession should not however, become out of touch with what the public need most: on-demand services at a fixed rate. That is not to say that services should be compromised. It is in no one’s interest for attorneys to become irrelevant leaving the legal profession to amateurs. Like the taxi driver, a lawyer provides a useful service but at the same time, like that same driver he is sabotaging himself through a delivery service that is becoming irrelevant. The Uber model has come up with a better way to be accessible to the public, and Law Ruler has made this type of delivery model available to law firms for automating their intake process. The legal profession should as well.

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