Boosting Your Firm’s Economic Resilience with Legal Case Management Software

Even though the world as we know it is changing daily due to the global pandemic, and some legal services have not been available lately, you can still choose to act confidently and position your law firm to be of service when needed. Boosting your firm’s economic resilience with legal Case management software is easy. By investing in good legal case management software your firm can increase its efficiency while providing premier legal services for your clients and your employees. Too often there is a technology free-for-all going on a law firm – miscommunication, inefficiency and frustration, dropped leads and inquiries are sure to be present when attorneys continue to hold on to outdated technology. But what if there was an easy-to-use legal software program that would link the entire staff together allowing them to access up to the minute legal information from anywhere? By investing in good legal case management software, efficiency and collaboration at your law practice will increase exponentially and make the average work day 100% better.

When researching legal case management options, consider both your firm’s and your clients’ needs. A good software platform should include:

  • Matter and document tracking and management
  • A secure cloud-based platform
  • Document templates
  • Secure communication
  • File Sharing capabilities
  • Time tracking
  • An integrated calendar
  • Email monitoring

Most modern legal practice management software solutions should allow you to take care of everything on one platform. It should create new leads automatically when a call or text message comes in. It should create new leads with every referral or new lead too and then alert you to how much and from where the best cases come from.

The best legal case management software for your law firm should be able to securely handle everything from intake to settlement while reducing excessive labor costs because double data entry is virtually eliminated. Investing in a robust legal case management program like the one offered by Law Ruler, will offer your firm benefits that will include:

Automation with a Personal Touch: Every email and text message can be delivered with a personal touch showing your clients that you are thinking of them and are on top of their case. Appointment reminders, documents, invoices, and matters can also be automated.

Track and Grow: Legal case management software will help you track, market, and attribute your efforts to the mass market helping you to repeat your best months. The case management software will give you turnkey integration with calls, digital marketing, social media and different websites. With good legal case management software your attorneys can track their billable hours in real time and add entries from their logs, calendar events and documents attaching custom rates to time entries clients and matters resulting in quicker turnaround time to get paid.

Bank Grade Security: Law Ruler offers A – rated security features and all day, everyday intrusion detection and prevention services and HIPAA compliant cloud hosting. This is particularly advantageous when most of your staff is working remotely. They can log in from anywhere with any device that has an internet connection allowing them to collaborate on cases in real time.

The world has changed, and it is time to create a pathway forward that will enable your law firm to thrive in spite of the challenges and to also take advantage of them. It really doesn’t matter if every city rapidly reopens its doors to the public. Many people are still going to have concerns about their health and safety and would prefer having options for how they will communicate with their attorneys in the coming days, months and possibly years.  Zoom conferences and hearings are no longer the novelty they once were at the start of the pandemic. Clients as well as judges and attorneys have begun to accept and adapt to the insurgence of virtual communication, and many are already becoming quite comfortable with its performance and convenience. Any way you dice it, remote work has become the new normal and it’s here to stay. Law firms are recognizing that office space can be slashed in half if not eliminated altogether which has reduced overhead costs.

When using a good legal case management software everything can be done in an organized yet remote fashion. Every member of the staff has a laptop and  they all have phones that can give them access to each other via video conferencing or Zoom. Looking toward the future, office space is only necessary for client meetings and war room-like team conferences. The more that can be done to automate your workflow, the better equipped your law firm will be for the future. The right legal case management software can seamlessly serve your clients from their location and yours. Just open your laptop, and every file, invoice and document will be at your fingertips. What you will have created by automating your legal workflow is a more positive experience for your client and a more efficient and time-saving process for you.

Although the pandemic may have thrown your law firm a lot of curve balls over these past several months, it also presented a paradigm shift in how best to cultivate your attorney-client rapport and strategies to best represent them legally. Your role as their trusted legal advisor is as important now as ever, and with a top-rated  legal case management software platform  you can continue fostering better partnerships, winning more cases and growing your law firm. Establishing good communication with your clients will translate into more referrals and signed retainers.

With a comprehensive legal case management software system in place at your law firm, you can track the leads and match them with the best attorneys at your practice, or even with an outside referral. Boosting Your Firm’s Economic Resilience with Legal Case Management Software. You are building goodwill –  and that in turn generates more clientele in the future. When you are prepared to fully open the doors to your law office again after working remotely, think about what worked, and what did not. Did you implement any procedures worth carrying forward into the future? What things from the pre-pandemic days are you never going to repeat again? Writing these things down engages a different part of your brain and you can have a rational conversation with yourself as to the evolving needs of your law firm. The world is different now. The way life was managed before Covid-19 simply will not work the same way it once did. If you look at your list and notice that you are positioning yourself to return to the same old business as usual, you are setting yourself up for unnecessary frustration. Take a few moments and review Law Ruler’s website to discover what legal case management software can do for your evolving law firm. What you will encounter is a case management software that is intuitive, user-friendly and transforming. Law Ruler will not just automate new client intake processes, but it will also streamline how you approach intakes, track leads and communicate with your legal staff and clients. When it comes to top-notch technical support, Law Ruler beats out the competition with its cadre of knowledgeable, troubleshooting support services.  There is not a technical issue or question that they cannot answer. Check out Law Ruler today on YouTube, then contact them for a free demo!

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